She dropped a cover of Taemin’s “Move” (it was hawt)!
22 Dec 2017 - 11:04 AM  UPDATED 22 Dec 2017 - 11:04 AM

Chungha established herself as one of the best dancers while on Produce 101 Season 1. She ended up making the final I.O.I line-up with the fourth overall rank and has started her solo career!

Let’s get to know more about this dancing queen!

1. Chungha was born in South Korea, but spent seven years living in Texas, which is why she can speak English (if you see her live, just yell out in English, she’ll understand! Haha).

2. She says she's had dance training for six years in total and was once a JYP trainee.

3. Chungha is the name of an alcohol brand in Korea which gave her the nickname 'alcohol.'

4. She appeared in PENTAGON’s “Pretty Pretty” music video playing the female lead all the members are interested in.

5. Chungha recently dropped a cover of Taemin’s “Move” and it’s incredible (I needed a water bottle, it got too hot)!

6. Her favourite hobby is to watch movies alone (I wonder if she watches horror movies alone?).

7. Chungha participated in Genie Music’s artist donation campaign where she sang karaoke, and for every point Chungha scored it gave $9 to charity. She ended up with an incredible score of 98 giving $850 for children with hearing loss (so sweet!).

8.  She recently starred in her own reality show called Chungha’s Free Month, which can be seen on YouTube and NaverTV.

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