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9 Jan 2018 - 12:59 PM  UPDATED 9 Jan 2018 - 1:00 PM

Back at the beginning of this decade, idol groups were all the rage in Japanese music. Spurred by the massive popularity of AKB48, every label and agency wanted their own group, and in an effort to stand out they started tailoring them to niche genres and cultures. I remember when BABYMETAL debuted and people felt strange because...idols, but metal? After that we got air guitar idols, steampunk idols and vaporwave idols. Boom times for sub-cultures.

Now, in 2018, Cinderella Academy Inc. ups the novelty pop game significantly. Meet Kaso Tsuka Shojo, or Virtual Currency Girls, the world’s first Cryptocurrency idol outfit.

This isn’t just a savvy stab at getting in on the world’s current Bitcoin bonanza (though it is that too, don’t get it twisted). Each member of the eight-member group reps for a different digital currency; group leader Rara Naruse represents Bitcoin Cash, which I guess is a different thing than Bitcoin, seeing as Sirahama Hinano stands in for the latter (hey, I’m already learning something). Other currencies featured include NEO and Ethereum. Every member sports a luchador-style mask featuring their Cryptocurrencies’ logo on it, as shown below.

The group has yet to release any music or do any performances, but when the time comes, I hope you have your Bitcoin wallets sorted out. Tickets to their shows and all of their merchandise can be acquired using digital currencies. Given all the new Bitcoin millionaires roaming the globe now, not a bad demographic to focus on!

It’s certainly silly on paper, but I’m here for more groups trying something different. J-pop idol music right now is either AKB-derived or BiS-derived, and it’s nice to have something existing outside of those two lanes present, even if it has to involve blockchain. And maybe we can all learn about Cryptocurrency and get rich off of the knowledge.

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