Reportedly due to the song's Japanese lyrics.
25 Jan 2018 - 11:55 AM  UPDATED 25 Jan 2018 - 12:01 PM

SHINee's Jonghyun's final album Poet | Artist was released a few days ago, which features some great new tunes such as "Shinin'" and "Rewind." But Korean fans wanting to catch "Rewind" on KBS will be disappointed because the Korean broadcasting network has banned it.

According to Sports Seoul, KBS deemed Jonghyun's new song "Rewind" to be unfit for broadcast due to the use of Japanese lyrics. It is reported that the issue stems with the Japanese line "いち に さん もう一回だけ(もう一回だけ," which translates to "One, two, three. One more time."

This isn't the first time a K-pop song has been banned by KBS for having Japanese lyrics. Crayon Pop's 2014 track "Uh-ee" was banned for having the Japanese word "pika."

At the time of writing, the rest of Jonghyun's new album is deemed to be good for broadcast on KBS. 


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