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12 Feb 2018 - 10:51 AM  UPDATED 12 Feb 2018 - 10:56 AM

There's a Trailer for Kingdom Hearts III! Staying true to its series history, the theme song to the Disney-meets- Final-Fantasy platform features a new song courtesy of Utada Hikaru:

Utada’s song is called “Chikai." In many ways, it feels like an apt creation from her Fantome period. That album, released in the fall of 2016, found her primarily crafting songs around piano and strings. “Chikai” follows a similar approach (at least in the about 90-second-long version attached to game footage. So, you know, who knows what follows), focused around the aforementioned instruments and a shuffling beat. And like her last full-length, this selection mostly leaves her room to show off her voice. Utada offers up an intriguing vocal performance, full of starts and stops which make the peaks all the better.

Wanting to hear a version of this in English? Well, they are one step ahead, because they made a version for those all around the world. It’s titled “Don’t Think Twice."

Utada fans on hearing this new song.

Fans of the J-pop superstar probably know her history with the video game franchise, but let’s cover the bases. Utada has been part of Kingdom Hearts, which, if you don’t know, is a role-playing game series featuring Disney characters, since the original game arrived in 2002. She provided the theme song Simple And Clean,” a number that became synonymous with the game both in Japan and abroad. It’s legacy has grown in the decade-plus since its release. Utada tried a Western crossover in the middle of the 2000s, but it was seen as an airball. In retrospect, it’s pretty clear she did crossover, as “Simple And Clean” connected with a younger generation of listeners who have come of age in recent years, and shown how far she actually connected with people.

She provided the theme to the second installment of the game, titled Passion.”

Kingdom Hearts III comes out sometime later this year. Watch the game-only preview here, and join the rest of the world in gawking at Monster’s Inc. featuring prominently in it. 

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