Sasaengs are widely criticised by K-pop fans for taking their obsessions too far.
13 Feb 2018 - 2:09 PM  UPDATED 8 Jan 2019 - 12:25 PM

Sasaeng is a familiar word for any fans of K-pop, but for those who don't know, it refers to people who exhibit obsessive, dangerous and stalker behaviour towards idols.

K-pop idols have to deal with all kinds of scrutiny, but sasaengs cross the line from supporting their idols to harassing and frightening them in ways that are often illegal. 

Here's a few examples of the behaviour idols have to deal with regularly.

EXO's attempted kidnapping

Sasaengs rented out a van identical to EXO's and parked it where the group would usually come out of a building. EXO almost entered the van, but their manager stopped them just in time.

BTS being grabbed

Walking out of airports, sasaengs have been known to chase the members, grab and climb onto them and try to take their belongings.

Kim Heechul's car accident

Super Junior's Heechul was trying to evade sasaeng fans following his vehicle when he got into an accident and broke his leg. The injury has had a lasting effect on his ability to perform live, and he now avoids dancing for the most part on stage.

SEVENTEEN's angered fan

A sasaeng at a SEVENTEEN fansign threw things at Joshua, saying he wasn't smiling enough given how much money she'd spent on him. SEVENTEEN have also had fans follow them from concert venues back to their dorms on multiple occasions.

EXO confronted by fans in bathroom

Female sasaengs shaved their heads and dressed as boys to sneak into a bathroom EXO members were using.

G-Dragon's trespassing fans

Sasaengs camped outside GD's house, forcing him to tweet a message asking people not to hide outside his house waiting for him to appear.

EXO's secret recordings

A sasaeng broke into EXO's hotel and installed microphones in their rooms. The sasaeng later released audio files from these mics, including audio of members singing in the shower.

GOT7's Jackson injured by car

Another case of dangerous driving, GOT7's Jackson was physically injured in a car accident caused by a sasaeng driver who was stalking the group.

Taecyeon receives note written in blood

2PM's Taecyeon received a bloody note that read: "You can't live without me". The sasaeng claimed it was written in menstrual blood. She later apologised claiming, "I am very obsessive but I'm not a sasaeng, I'm sorry."

Wanna One fans force an entire plane to disembark

After MAMA 2018, a flight from Hong Kong to Seoul was forced to deplane all its passengers due to Wanna One sasaengs who had boarded only to see the group. After they'd rushed the boys at their seats, the people insisted on leaving the plane and getting a refund, although it meant everyone would have to get off and re-board.

Sasaengs break into TVXQ!'s dorms while they sleep

TVXQ! were victims of sasaeng behaviour on too many occasions to count. Sasaengs did everything from making a copy of the key to the idol group's apartment, breaking in and kissing the members while they slept, to freezing their phone account and going through the call history to look for any girls' numbers, tapping their phones, causing car accidents and even bodily harm to members - including throwing rocks at Changmin

Please always remember your idols are human, and they deserve the same respect and privacy you'd like for yourself.

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