What song do you think is the bestseller for each of these groups?
28 Feb 2018 - 3:33 PM  UPDATED 28 Feb 2018 - 3:35 PM

Throughout the years idol groups go through a number of changes from music genre, fashion and hairstyles but there’s always that one song that a group will be remembered by, leaving their mark on the k-pop genre.

Here are best-selling singles from individual idol groups so far!


Haru Haru (2008) – 5,433,290+ copies sold

During the 2007-2008 period BIGBANG were on an absolute tear musically with all of their singles selling millions of records. “Haru Haru” stood alone as the best being a unique hip-hop ballad with an emotionally engaging music video that immediately skyrocketed their popularity in Asia and cemented their place as young K-pop legends.


Blood, Sweat & Tears (2016) - 1,575,357+ copies sold

“Blood, Sweat & Tears” was the first single from BTS to sell over 1 million records across South Korea and with good reason. The single about resisting temptation combined with incredible artistic design and charismatic dance choreography combine for one of the best music videos I’ve seen.


Growl (2013) - 2,026,000+ copies sold

EXO started off their career with dream-like success. “Growl” was the lead single for the repacking of their first album ‘XOXO’ and still to this day despite EXO’s phenomenal success is their highest selling single. “Growl” went on to win 14 times on Korean music shows during its promotional run.


Cheer Up (2016) - 2,737,015+ copies sold

Even though TWICE are relatively new, their impact in the K-pop industry already has them breaking records with it only being their third year since debut. “Cheer Up” was an incredibly catchy song which also created the viral meme 'Shy, Shy, Shy' that was imitated by various celebrities.


I Don’t Care (2009) - 4,500,000+ copies sold

2NE1 and YG producer Teddy have created countless hits over the years but their most loved song by the fans is “I Don’t Care”. The song is a lot more relaxed than most of 2NE1 songs which allowed them to show off a different style.


Lucifer (2010) - 2,392,341+ copies sold

To this day I have never heard a song sound anything like “Lucifer”: it sounds like it was made on another planet (in a good way). The high intensity, unique beat, costumes and hairstyles create for an unforgettable experience. The song was even played recently on HBO’s television drama Lucifer which K-pop fans went wild about on Twitter.


Sorry Sorry (2009) - 2,998,678+ copies sold

Super Junior basically took over Asia when “Sorry Sorry” came out. The song was ranked number #1 on Taiwan’s ‘Korean Japanese Top 100’ for 30 weeks. The catchy tune also included simplified dance moves which allowed people with minimal skill in dancing to be able to sing and dance to the track.


Mirotic (2008) - 4,173,225+ copies sold

When TVXQ were in their prime as a five-member group the sky was the limit for what they could achieve musically. Unfortunately Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu left but not before their mega hit “Mirotic”. The instant classic was loved by fans and critics alike being regarded as one of the best k-pop songs to ever be released.


Fiction (2011) -  3,194,906+ copies sold

Highlight’s biggest hit was “Fiction” when they were still known as BEAST. It also remains my personal favourite from the group in which the song talks about writing an unfortunate love story which hits deep with anyone who’s broken up in a relationship.


Be Mine (2011) - 2,046,479+ copies sold

The kings of synchronised dance had their highest-selling single seven years ago with “Be Mine”. The song displayed INFINITE’s manly charms over a rock heavy beat with catchy lyrics. If you’ve always wanted to give a new group a look, INFINITE are one of my recommendations.


Hands Up (2011) - 2,837,018+ copies sold

This party track was written and produced by none other than the one and only Park Jin Young (JYP). I can’t imagine how popular this song would’ve been in Korean nightclubs, the single is all about good vibes and as the kids say these days ‘getting lit’.


So Cool (2011) - 3,980,185+ copies sold

The queens of summer landed their first ever number one single with “So Cool”. The songs all about feeling liberated after a break-up, feeling confident, positive and you guessed it, cool. The song placed in the Top 10 on the Gaon Digital Charts for five consecutive weeks.


Gee (2009) - 5,000,000+ copies sold

Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” is probably the most iconic song in K-pop history, if you don’t know this song then you don’t know K-pop. The influence of “Gee” has had countless parodies, mostly notably the Japanese version with old men recreating the music video. A true classic.



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