The controversy has sprung from what the boys said unaware of filming
20 Mar 2018 - 9:25 AM  UPDATED 20 Mar 2018 - 9:26 AM

Wanna One members have become the targets of netizens' anger for a controversial dressing room conversation caught on camera.

On March 19, the group were preparing for a live broadcast, unaware they were already on air. While in the waiting room, they were heard swearing and they heard members saying things like "Why aren't we getting our payment?" and "Why do we not have any freedom?". Member Guan Lin called out a sasaeng fan, asking why their car was parked outside Wanna One's house.

It appears many of them were just joking around, loosening up before appearing live on screen, but fans were unimpressed by the language used.

Korean fans on Naver and Nate have reacted with some of the following comments:

I didn't vote on 'Produce 101' to see this. I didn't buy multiple copies of your debut album and other albums to see this. I've set the alarm to hear your song exactly at 6 pm but the consequence of my waiting is too heavy. I hope they realize their wrongdoings and apologize properly. Seriously." 

"I mean, even if they didn't know the broadcast was going on, how could they talk like that in front of the staff members who are the same age or older than them? And what's up with the cursing ahead of time... Now, I just think they're just these types of kids. It's not that they've lost their initial mindset. You can see the person by their words you know TT"

"Bye. They think they're superstars and all that right in front of the staff. I mean, how bad were they for the staff to accidentally broadcast that? Never knew the characters of the group selected by the citizens were like this... So disappointed." (Source)

International fans have seemed less concerned by the content and more by what it revealed about Wanna One's current workload.

In the meantime, Wanna One have apologised for their behaviour saying:

"We apologize for showing a bad side of us and disappointing the fans with our live broadcast. We will reflect on our actions and work hard to become a mature and modest Wanna One who's always cautious about all of our actions. We will never forget the overwhelming love you send us and work hard to show a better side of us. Once again, we sincerely apologize for causing disappointment and concerns."

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