We're three episodes in and a lot is being revealed
5 Apr 2018 - 11:24 AM  UPDATED 5 Apr 2018 - 11:24 AM

Burn The Stage Episode 3 has just been released on YouTube Red and true to the hype, we're learning more about BTS and what happens when they're not on stage. 

Here's just some of the things we got to see in the latest episode.

1. Jungkook is overwhelmingly dedicated to performing

After giving his all during a performance in Chile, the camera follows him as he collapses backstage, is given a respirator and made to lie down. Even in the midst of all of it, he still tries to tell everyone he's okay.

2. RM shares his burdens

After JK's collapse, RM expresses his concerns about being the leader and how although he's responsible for his fellow members, he's still just like them.

3. Suga used to be a delivery boy and that's how he broke his shoulder

Suga fans will know he raps about injuring his shoulder in Agust D song, "The Last", but the circumstances were always hidden. Turns out he used to be a delivery boy while he was a trainee, and after being hit by a car, his shoulder dislodged. He didn't tell Big Hit because he wasn't supposed to be working, but when they found out they helped him recover.

4. Odds are if they're in their hotel room, they're recording music

Almost all the members have a complex on-the-go studio setup that they use for recording demos and guides for their songs. If you're RM, you spend way too long assembling it.

5. They exercise together

It looks like they do some basic aerobic and core-strength exercises as a team. Explains how they're able to perform with so much energy time and time again!

6. They just want Korean food

In Brazil they're excited to know there's rice soup waiting for them at the hotel, and they ask what the odds are of finding other Korean dishes they love in South America.

7. J-Hope almost left BTS pre-debut

In a round table discussion, they remembered their pre-debut days. Hoseok talked about the time he almost left the group and that it made JK cry. But they all emphatically agreed that every member is valuable in the group.

8. Jungkook thinks the other members complete him

He talks about being 15 when they began, and how each member has influenced his personality and behaviours over the years. To quote: "The guys filled me in one by one, they put the scattered pieces of my puzzle back together".

What did you think of the latest ep of Burn The Stage?


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