They prove that age is nothing but a number
11 Apr 2018 - 12:54 PM  UPDATED 11 Apr 2018 - 12:54 PM

K-pop is notoriously beauty and age-focused, and it seems like a new fresh-faced group of barely teenage idols appear every day. 

In a Reddit thread, fans have been discussing idols they think have defied K-pop's ageism and continued to thrive in the industry. Though these 30+ year old idols aren't actually old by any means, in K-pop they're considered the elders of the industry.

Here's just some of the names that popped up.

1. BoA

BoA is only 31, but in K-pop it's an achievement for a female idol to stay on top for so long. Especially considering she's been performing since she was 13. As one Redditor said: "Her songs still do well, people take notice of everything she does and she's the rare K-pop solo star who's able to be big in Korea and in Japan".

2. Park Hyo Shin

Redditor bulz00 said this about the 36-year-old solo artist: "Although he rarely shows up on TV shows and award shows, all his concerts always sell out and all his songs do very well".

3. Super Junior

The current members of SuJu range in age from 32 to 35, and they're still experiencing immense success on the charts. As one user says, "I think because SuJu have been so active in variety, they're still quite prevalent despite their older age... they're still so popular despite being in their 30s".


Many pointed out that BIGBANG are reaching (or have reached) their 30s, but are still at the top of the charts. As one Redditor said: "They still have such a massive fan base after all these years and it's still amazing. They really are the trendsetters for K-pop and they're just on a different level".

5. Shinhwa

A user said: "Jun Jin and Dongwan are still crazy hot while nearing their forties. Same goes for the other four."

6. PSY

Who doesn't know PSY really? Most wouldn't believe he's 40 years old, and still one of the idols whose TV appearances gets consistently high ratings.

7. Rain

The 35-year-old pop singer is revered in the industry and recently took the role of lead judge on The Unit

8. Lee Hyori

Though her focus has moved onto reality tv in recent years, the 38-year-old singer remains beloved in Korea, ever since being dubbed as the 'nation's fairy' in the early years of her career.

9. TVXQ!

The duo are both in their 30s now and their new music is still creating a buzz in Korea, not to mention their massive following in Japan.

Who would you add to this list?



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