Korean netizens can't get enough of her!
12 Apr 2018 - 4:12 PM  UPDATED 12 Apr 2018 - 4:12 PM

This week, popular Korean beauty vlogger Risabae made the jump from YouTube to television by appearing as a guest on Radio Star.

The makeup guru's appearance was met with an overwhelmingly positive reception from Korean netizens, with many complimenting her variety skills and beauty.

"So many online streamers look different on TV but she's just as pretty," wrote one.

Another commented: "She spoke so prettily, and despite it being her first time on TV, she didn't seem nervous at all."

Risabae first earned attention as a broadcasting jockey (BJ) on Korean streaming site Afreeca TV. She then crossed over to YouTube, where she now has over 1.5 MILLION subscribers!

She's also an Instagram sensation with over 680,000 followers, making her a social media powerhouse.

Risabae is best known for her themed makeup tutorials and resemblance to Sunmi

Check out one of her most popular tutorials below!

[Via Netizen Buzz]


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