"I want to see the four of them singing together again!"
17 Apr 2018 - 3:36 PM  UPDATED 17 Apr 2018 - 3:36 PM

Brown Eyed Girls' vocalist JeA gave an interview to Korean media outlet Nate this week where she said that BEG will "never disband due to member discord."

While the comments were received warmly, they also got a lot of people talking about the prospect of a Brown Eyed Girls comeback.

"Please make a comeback if you haven't disbanded," one user commented on Nate.

Another added: "I want to see the four of them singing together again!"

"BEG has such a wide spectrum of promos," remarked another netizen. "They could even go back to their first album ballad concept. They have the talent to pull it all off."

International fans have also been calling for a BEG comeback on social media, proving just how desperate K-pop fans are to see the "Abracadabra" icons back on stage.

The group's last comeback was back in 2015 with their sixth studio album, Basic. It wasn't quite as successful as BEG's previous releases, but it did manage to produce a top ten hit with the lead single "Brave New World."

Are you keen for a BEG comeback? Let us know!

[Via Netizenbuzz]


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