There are so many ways and we are all subsequently screwed.
15 May 2018 - 4:25 PM  UPDATED 15 May 2018 - 4:28 PM

If you haven’t been left emotionally distressed and screaming at your screen while watching a K-drama, I’m not too sure you’ve been watching the right dramas.

Over the years, drama writers have become exceptionally skilled at coming up with innovative ways to keep our beloved leads apart, at least for a couple of episodes if not until the unsatisfying conclusion of the drama.

It’s impossible to figure out all the ways writers could destroy our OTPs' relationships, but here’s a stab at it anyway.

1. Misunderstanding

We’re starting out with the classics here. The misunderstanding trope has a versatility that's made it last from the early days of K-dramas all the way ‘til now.

There's so many possibilities for how two peoples’ lives could be destroyed by a misunderstanding: mistaking something as an affair, assuming that their bae took the break-up money offered by their mother, or assuming that they can’t be together for extremely over-complicated reasons. Why are our OTPs so stupid sometimes?

2. Car accident

Another classic couple destroying mechanism is physically ripping them apart in a horrible multi-car pile-up, creepy assassins in pursuit optional. After all, your OTP can’t be cute together if one of them is lying in bed bandaged up like an Egyptian mummy with major memory loss (bonus points for anxiety-inducing hospital kidnapping scenes). All the while, our feels get just as wrecked as the cars do.

(Note: I know Jisoo’s character isn’t part of the main OTP, but his car crash was still just as devastating)

3. Evil exes

The most agonising evil ex scenario is when they didn’t even properly date the lead and only have delusions that they did, leading them to a strange sense of ownership which motivates their acts of two-part vengeance and ‘winning’ bae back.

The really psychopathic ones that are intent on physically harming our OTP that actually scare the soul out of us, especially if they’re somewhat smart, have significant power and have paired up with an equally as psychopathic serial killer.

4. Super rich family members and a tonne of parental disapproval

Meeting the parents is already hard enough in a normal situation, but it becomes infinitely more difficult when the parents happen to be the richest people in Korea/CEO of a massive conglomerate/some really important people and also happen to have already stalked you.

Since anyone who is not basically the Queen-in-waiting of the universe is considered inadequate for their son, parental opposition is swift and decisive.

5. Finding out that their parents may have killed each other

That’s one way to stop a relationship. Extra feels-bad points though for making this discovery the morning after they just slept together for the first time.  

6. A creepy psychopath intent on killing one, or both, of them

Sure, this could also work as a great bonding experience for our OTP, but it is also highly likely that it could kickstart the dreaded hero complex that sees our faves breaking up in the interests of ‘protecting’ the other. Yeah right, like that actually works out properly, especially when the villain looks like this.

7. The apparent death of one, or both, of them

I know what you’re thinking – how could they possibly kill them off in the second last episode of the drama? Is this legal? How are they going to achieve a happy ending in the space of one episode? Will they even get a happy ending?????

8. Literally getting stabbed through the heart with a giant flaming sword

Extra hurt points when it’s their beloved who does the stabbing, leaving one of our baes in a weird in-between world where he wanders for seemingly eternity while the other bae is left with no memories of her loved one and random bouts of sadness.


9. A giant freaking dragon and the end of the world

It’s hard for your OTP to be together when one of them literally just got stabbed by a psychotic power-hungry human and is about to be eaten by a CGI dragon.

10. Finding out that bae might actually be their sibling

Yeah, incest isn’t good. Definitely would make any sane person think twice about their feels.

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