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If you're new to BTS, then you're probably just realising how much there is to watch; from music videos to highlight reels, live performances, award shows and then of course, the reality shows.

We're making life a little easier and giving you the rundown of key BTS reality and variety shows you need to watch.

Rookie King: Channel Bangtan

Their first ever reality show, BTS were very much rookies in this as they parodied popular variety shows and did everything from shouting at their team from a rooftop to some very awkward pranks.

American Hustle Life

You're going to have to get past some cringe moments in this one, but the show's premise is BTS travelling to the US to be trained by hip-hop mentors, including Coolio and Warren G. The show was a catalyst for BTS' music style shift, with them learning more about the history, music and dance of hip-hop.

It also birthed this classic meme.


This series has two seasons: the first in 2015 and the second came in 2017. The show focuses on BTS playing K-pop related games and challenges. You might recognise their self-made vid for "Spine Breaker" which comes from the final ep of season 2.

BTS: Bokbulbok

This short five-episode series is the first uploaded to BTS' V Live channel way back in 2015. In it, they play a variety of games chosen from a bowl, ranging from charades to table tennis. There's a lot to love and of course, a lot of memes.

BTS: Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage came about as a reality show celebrating BTS' third anniversary. We got to watch them travel around northern Europe for 10 days, dealing with the various challenges that come with international travel like language barriers and lost bags, and having a lot of fun along the way.

BTS: Bon Voyage 2

Bon Voyage returned for a second season, this time taking the group to Hawaii for a little over a week. They were given a set budget for each day as a challenge, which they used to explore, get up to some funny shenanigans and bond with one another during their short trip.

BTS: Bon Voyage 3

This time around, the boys headed to Malta for a relaxed vacation by the sea. This time it was less about budgets and travel challenges as it was about group bonding and showcasing the sights and sounds of the city they were in. Prepare for road trip vibes, emotional camping moments and some very amusing interactions involving Jin and his questionable fashion.

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BTS: Bon Voyage 4

BTS returned with another season of their travelling reality show, and this time the destination was wintery New Zealand! The members hiked through mountains, went fishing, camped for a few nights and drove their camper van all over the country for this series. The show has switched focus from being about challenges to more about the members relaxing and bonding, and considering how busy they are, we like watching them take a break too!

Run BTS!

Where to even begin with Run BTS!?? With over 50 episodes so far, this variety show is the ultimate binge for any BTS fan. Challenges have ranged from arcade games to reenacting a police station, dressing Suga up as a female high school student, playing detective in a tiny fake town, being chased by zombies... honestly, it's just a must-watch. We made a list of some of our faves here.

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Burn The Stage

This YouTube Red Original series took fans behind the scenes of The Wings Tour, showing the ups and downs of touring life and the heights to which the 7-member group have ascended in the last couple of years. It's a must-watch for the one-on-one interviews, as well as show footage.

Bring The Soul

This docu-series is similar to Burn The Stage in that it goes behind the scenes of BTS on tour, this time on their Love Yourself world tour. There's more intimate interviews with members and never-before-seen footage of their rehearsals and performances. It's available to watch on their WeVerse platform.

There's also a plethora of tv shows that have dedicated full episodes to BTS, from BTS GO! to Running Man and even Jin's recurring mukbang series Eat Jin, but we think we've given you enough binge-watching material for now!

How many of these have you watched?


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