These solo fancams have gone viral!
29 Jun 2018 - 10:00 AM  UPDATED 29 Jun 2018 - 10:00 AM

Although only focused on a particular member of a group, these K-pop idol solo fancams have racked up millions of views - sometimes even more than the group's videos!

A great high-quality fancam can even change a group's fate and boost their popularity. Here are the Top 10 most watched K-pop idol solo fancams on YouTube. Views listed are as at the time of writing. 

1. EXID's "Up and Down" - Hani focus - 26.7 million views


2. Miss A's "Love Song" - Suzy focus - 14.7 million views

3. Pocket Girls' "Oppa Is Trash" - Habin focus - 11.9 million views


4. BTS' "DNA" - Jungkook focus - 11.6 million views


5. Laysha's "Chocolate Cream" - Goeun focus - 10.3 million views


6. BTS' "DNA" - Jimin focus - 10.1 million views


7. BP Rania's "Make Me Ah" - Hyemin focus - 9.6 million views


8. BTS' "DNA" - V focus - 9.3 million views


9. ACE's "Fell For It" - Seol Ah focus - 8.9 million views


10. BTS' "Fake Love" Jimin focus - 8.8 million views


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