Most importantly, it's available to watch in Australia!
16 Jul 2018 - 10:59 AM  UPDATED 25 Sep 2018 - 2:19 PM

Anyone familiar with dramas already knows Meteor Garden, the quintessential Asian drama. Originating from manga series Boys Over Flowers, the story has been remade as a two-season Taiwanese drama, the infamous K-drama starring Lee Minho and two Japanese versions.

It returned in 2018 as a C-drama complete with fresh faces, some modern twists and more cliches than you could possibly imagine. And it was amazing.

Here's just five reasons you should tune into Meteor Garden if you haven't yet.

1. So many pretty faces

The leading cast are relatively new actors, with Shen Yue in the lead female role of Dong Shancai and Dylan Wang as the troubled male lead, Dao Ming Si. They are all also extremely good looking people. Alarmingly good looking. Just a wealth of great faces.

2. Every trope that has ever been written is here

Boys Over Flowers is the OG when it comes to drama cliches. Getting trapped in an elevator, waiting in the rain stubbornly, tripping and accidentally kissing the guy you supposedly hate... we really could go on for ages. Let's just say, your drama needs will be met.

Though there's definitely some tropes we wish would disappear like borderline sexual harassment being considered romantic...

3. The outfits are A+

If you want fashion envy, you'll get it here. The girls have casual uni outfits we'd love to own and the guys are styled to look both fashion forward and reflect their personalities. Dao Ming Si especially knows how to wear mixed colours and fabrics in a way that just wouldn't work on someone else.

4. It'll suck you in with all the ~ feelings ~

You might start out casually watching one episode, maybe two. But before you know it, you're lying in bed at 2am, yelling/laughing/crying/cringing at your screen. And because this is a C-drama, you've got 49 episodes to torture your heart with.


5. It's available in Australia now!

That's right, Netflix has all of the episodes available for you to watch back-to-back, meaning you can enjoy with English subtitles and not even have to lift a finger to hit 'next'.

Happy viewing!


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