How has it only been one year?
7 Aug 2018 - 4:28 PM  UPDATED 7 Aug 2018 - 4:29 PM

Born out of Produce 101 Season 2, Wanna One are the 11-member boy group who have been more successful than anyone could have anticipated when the members won the music survival show.

With many new faces amongst them, Wanna One members went from being virtually unknown names to working with K-pop's top producers, touring the world, setting new sales records and winning awards.

Here's just some of the big moments Wanna One and their fans have experienced since debut.

1. Becoming a group

After months of waiting and working, the results were revealed and it was an absolute tearfest.

2. Their debut stage on M Countdown

The group performed intricate choreography with a catchy song that lived up to expectations and earned them 15 award show wins.

3. The first music show win

For their first track "Energetic", they've since gone on to win 42 awards at last count

4. Getting major brand deals

They're the faces of everything from activewear to skincare and food. So far they've had 16 commercial deals, and we're sure that's just the start.

5. Winning 22 awards across all major awards shows

There's too many to list but their Best New Male Artist win at the 2017 MAMAs was definitely an emotional one.

6. Working with big K-pop names

It's to be expected given they're one of the biggest K-pop success stories, but it's still an amazing opportunity for a debut group to be making music with the likes of Heize and Zico.

7. Four consecutive No.1 albums

Every Wanna One album has gone to the top of the Gaon weekly charts in South Korea, a massive achievement.

8. Going on their first world tour

For some groups it could take years before they're able to embark on a world tour, but Wanna One are not like many other newly debuted groups.

Congratulations Wanna One and Wannables on all your achievements, and happy one year anniversary!


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