Puppies for all!!
23 Aug 2018 - 2:21 PM  UPDATED 28 Jan 2019 - 10:27 AM

Idols are pretty cute, we know this, you know this, anyone with two eyes and a beating heart knows this.

But there's one thing that's definitely cuter, and it's doggos. Puppies. Tiny lil furry canines. So we did the research and here are the idols who are almost as cute as their pet dogs.

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and Zero

SHINee's Key and Commes & Garcons

TWICE's Tzuyu and Gucci

GOT7's Mark and Youngjae and Coco

Image result for gif got7 coco

HyunA and Sogeum

Image result for gif hyuna puppy

EXO's Sehun and Vivi

Image result for sehun vivi gif

BTS' V and Yeontan

Amber and Jack Jack

Image result for gif amber jack jack

BIGBANG's G-Dragon and Gaho

Image result for gif gdragon puppy

EXO's Baekhyun and Mongryong

Image result for baekhyun mongryong gif

BTS' Suga and Holly

EXID's Junghwa and Mocca

Image result for junghwa dog gif

BTS' J-Hope and Mickey

B.A.P's Zelo and Mochi

Image result for zelo mochi gif

Chungha and Bambi

Image result for chungha bambi gif

Monsta X's Minhyuk and Dambi

Image result for minhyuk dambi

WINNER's Seunghoon and Haute

Image result for seunghoon haute gif

Who's the cutest with their puppy?


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