There's not that many episodes left!
27 Aug 2018 - 2:16 PM  UPDATED 27 Aug 2018 - 2:44 PM

Meteor Garden 2018 is reaching its end and what a ride we've been on! The drama, the fighting, the breaking up, the making up... we could go on, seriously. 

Here's just some moments that have left us swooning for F4 and all of their complicated love lives.

1. Daoming Si's enthusiasm for Shancai in the cooking competition 

2. Daoming Si really enjoying the perks of having his girlfriend living in his house

3. The adorable train trip/dream picnic F4 create to help a friend

4. Anytime Daoming Si makes this face really

5. The awkward moment where Daoming Si and Shancai have to share a bathroom

6. The sweet times Shancai and Daoming Si play games in his room and just hang out

7. We dunno about swoon, but Lei and Daoming Si's friendship definitely gives us the feels

8. The bittersweet London adventure Daoming Si and Shancai go on when they reunite (for the hundredth time!)

9. Shancai taking initiative and pulling Daoming Si into a kiss (in public! Shancai you're wild)

10. The highly underrated Ximen/Xiaoyou romance that may or may not finally happen by the time the series is over

11. Daoming Si renting the apartment next door to Shancai to keep her safe

12. Protecting one another when they think they're stranded on an island

13. The rooftop birthday kiss

14. This confession and the ensuing bus chase

15. And just anytime F4 walk together


What Meteor Garden moment has made you swoon?


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