Could this be a fresh start for the starlet?
30 Oct 2018 - 10:00 PM  UPDATED 30 Oct 2018 - 10:00 PM

Former SECRET member Hyosung has signed onto a new label, Tommy & Partners, which this week announced a new signing. 

"Recently, Jun Hyosung's exclusive contract with her former agency was ruled invalid. While searching for a new agency in order to resume her activities in the entertainment industry, she ended up signing an exclusive contract with Tommy & Partners."

Her previous agency, TS Entertainment, responded to the news with details of the current lawsuit:

"Our exclusive contract with Jun Hyosung is valid and the court will give a verdict regarding this on November 14, 2018. Therefore, Jun Hyosung signing an exclusive contract with a new agency is obviously a breach of her contract as she has entered into two contracts."

However, Hyosung's lawyer Park Jung-ho countered:

"Jun Hyosung's new contract is not based on the judgment of merits from the previous case regarding the validity of her contract [with TS]. It is based on the injunction cited from the court ruling on September 27, which had the purpose of suspending the validity of Jun Hyosung's contract with TS Entertainment."

In September 2017, Hyosung filed a civil lawsuit against TS Entertainment to claim her exclusive contract with the company as no longer being valid due to payments not received and the agency transferring the management rights to another party without her consent.

The agency denied all claims of issues with payments and has stated that her contract remains valid until 2021. 

Hyosung debuted with the girl group SECRET under TS Entertainment back in 2009. 

Source: Soompi



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