They've just debuted and are gaining new fans by the second!
7 Nov 2018 - 11:27 AM  UPDATED 7 Nov 2018 - 11:35 AM

Freshly debuted K-pop idol group ATEEZ are getting a lot of love online right now - their debut MV "Treasure" has 1.3 million views a week after it's release - pretty much unheard of for a K-pop debut from a non-major label.

So what is there to know about ATEEZ? They may be more familiar than they seem, so here's some facts to know.

They used to be called KQ Fellaz

Remember that viral video from earlier this year of a group of guys dancing to Famous Dex and Cardi B songs in a parking lot? Yep, that's ATEEZ. They were originally called KQ Fellaz before their lineup was finalised.

They're signed to the same company as Block B

The reason behind their old group name is pretty easily explained: they're signed to KQ Entertainment. The label is home to not only Block B but also K-R&B artists Babylon and Eden.

There are eight members

Members include leader Hongjoong, vocalist Seonghwa, main dancer Yunho, dancer/vocal/visuals Yeosang and Wooyoung, lead vocal/dancer San, main rapper Mingi and maknae Jongho. The original lineup also included Junyoung, but he didn't end up debuting with the group.

Four members were on MIXNINE

While none of them made it to the somewhat doomed final lineup, members Hongjoong, Mingi, Wooyoung and Jongho were all contestants on the show. Hongjoong ended up being ranked highest out of them with a final place of No.42.

They're involved in the creation of their music

Specifically, leader Hongjoong plays a role in the composing of their music. He's said to have composed around 40 songs for the group so far.

They have a reality show

More than one to be honest! The group had a show on YouTube and VLive back when they were trainees called KQ Fellaz Exciting USA Training and followed the group during their preparations for debut. The latest show was Codename Is ATEEZ, which gives new fans the chance to get to know the members behind-the-scenes, working in the studio on music and performance.

They debuted on October 24, 2018

The group released their debut album Treasure Ep.1: All To Zero along with two music videos for tracks "Treasure" and "Pirate King".

"Treasure" has already racked up over 1.35 million views in a week, an incredible feat for a debut group. 

Also, their album debuted at No.13 on the Billboard World Albums Charts, rising to No.12 in it's second week! 

So are you a fan of ATEEZ yet?


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