From red carpet performances to closing the show
13 Dec 2018 - 1:52 PM  UPDATED 2 Dec 2019 - 11:22 AM

BTS have come a long way from their debut in 2013. Considered the underdogs of the industry on debut, they rose to become the biggest act in K-pop right now. 

With this year's MAMAs on the horizon, and BTS just having swept the Melon Music Awards with an all-daesang win, there's never been a better time to look back on the evolution of BTS' stages, and how they built their performance skills from 2014 to now.

MAMA 2014

In 2014, BTS made two appearances at MAMA which is pretty standard for a rookie group. One of those was a collab stage with Block B that included a dance battle, RM's solo rap and "Danger". The stage got them some attention, thanks to Jimin ripping off his shirt and showing off his abs during the dance break.

For their group-specific performance, BTS performed "Boy In Luv" on the MAMAs red carpet. 

MAMA 2015

Two of the most-hyped boy groups were brought together for a performance, with GOT7 and BTS members battling each other in dance and music. This solidified RM and Jackson's friendship to the public, and put a spotlight on J-Hope's and Yugyeom's dance skills (from 3.51 mark in the vid below).

BTS also finally got onto the MAMA stage as artists in their own right, performing "Run".

It was also the first year BTS were nominated for a daesang, Album of the Year, and Best Male Group. Although EXO took both of the prizes that year.

MAMA 2016

The year where BTS went from being a pretty successful boy group to being THE successful boy group, 2016 was the epic Boy Meets Evil story. The looks were strong, the moves were fierce and the music was powerful. So powerful that they took the daesang for Artist of the Year that night.

MAMA 2017

If 2016 was BTS' ascension to the top tier of K-pop, 2017 was the year BTS invented a new level and lifted themselves onto it. A year of previously unimaginable success for the group included their Billboard Top Social Artist win and international artist collabs, and this performance was the triumphant return of a group ready to call out the haters. "BTS Cypher 4" and "Mic Drop" couldn't have been more fitting for the occasion.

Not to forget their 'Beyond Wormhole' performance that hinted at what was to come, and featured "Not Today" and "DNA".

MAMA 2018

Epic would be an understatement for BTS' 2018 MAMA appearance - or maybe we should just call it the BTS MAMA concert? "Fake Love" showcased how far they've come in terms of sheer professionalism and skill, with piercing, fast choreography.

"Anpanman" gave them space to have fun, engage with the audience and show off that unique Bangtan sense of humour that's won them millions of fans. 

Then in Hong Kong a meme was born courtesy of JK strutting down a runway for "Airplane Pt.2" before "IDOL" went OFF.

Watching them bound across that stage, the audience blinking entirely with Bangtan bombs as if it were a BTS concert, it's incredible to recall where it all began, and how much further they're still to go.


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