There was some powerful choreography this year
19 Dec 2018 - 12:01 PM  UPDATED 19 Dec 2018 - 12:01 PM

K-pop gave us some classic songs this year, some epic music videos and some unforgettable dance moves too. Choreography is an instrinsic part of K-pop, so we couldn't let the year pass without highlighting some of the best dances from artists in 2018.

1. SEVENTEEN: Thanks

SEVENTEEN are untouchable when it comes to synchronicity and movement. Thirteen members move as one in rapid fire progression in what should genuinely be impossible.

2. NCT U: Baby Don't Stop

A sensual song with equally sensual moves, Ten and Taeyong play off each other for a charismatic performance.

3. SHINee: Good Evening

SHINee are renowned for bombastic choreography, but on their first release after Jonghyun's passing, they opted for poignant restraint that's still complex.

4. Sunmi: Siren

The queen of signature dance moves, the precise hand gestures in the chorus are enough to make this a memorable dance.

5. NCT: Black on Black

There's 18 of them. They're all moving at the same time. At one point, some of them climb on top of each other to look like actual kings. At the end they crowd together but somehow don't fall down. It's insanity from beginning to end.

6. BTS: Fake Love

There's so many intricacies within this choreography, it requires multiple views. The way the members' moves suggest both shadows and mirrors, the speed at which they transition from one end of the space to the other - it's entirely captivating.

7. TWICE: What is Love?

This choreo is tiring, there's no denying it. All those subtle bouncing gestures that propel the chorus with its trademark question mark move - it's a lot of effort. But TWICE make it look so easy.

8. Chungha: Rollercoaster

Chungha's stage presence is at its fullest in this choreo. Despite being surrounded by back-up dancers, and at one point two very tall men, she's always the star in this romantic retro song.

9. MONSTA X: Shoot Out

There's so much more to this dance than just vibrating chests - though how they do that so effortlessly remains a mystery. MONSTA X don't do anything by halves and the intensity of this choreo is proof. 

10. PENTAGON: Shine

From E'Dawn's piano on the floor opening through to Yanan's arms in the air, this is definitively adorable. The group dynamic with the enthusiastic shoot dance thrown in really captures PENTAGON's spirit.

11. SF9: Now or Never

In a song with so many small but significant tempo changes, SF9 nail transitions and work in perfect synchronicity. And when you expect the dance to become unbearably fast, they take a turn that's far more intriguing to watch.

12. Hyolyn: Dally

A tour-de-force of a solo, everything about this choreography is goals. Hyolyn's every move is sharp and impossibly effortless. 

13. BTS: Singularity

BTS had many excellent dances this year that aren't on this list, but "Singularity" is because it's totally left-field. V's solo performance is mesmerising from the minute his cloaked hand slips over his face. Everything from the jazz-infused music to the smooth choreography make it a work of art.

14. GOT7: Lullaby

The footwork alone in this song is enough to leave you breathless. GOT7's members are each unique in their dancing but somehow make a perfect whole when together. It's cheeky and intensely catchy.

15. GFriend: Time For The Moon Night

A few of the parts in this dance look like each member is doing something on their own but it's a puzzle that fits together perfectly and makes for very satisfying viewing.

16. The Boyz: Giddy Up

Between the horse-riding move and the paced out running in three groups, this dance is full of the boisterous energy you'd anticipate from a group called The Boyz.

17. Red Velvet: Power Up

The dance reflects the summer freshness of this song and music video perfectly. Cute but not saccharine, the choreography is peppered with signature moves.

18. EXO: Love Shot

Sexy EXO really is the best EXO. This choreo is like "The Eve 2.0" with added grinding. Taking that gun motif as far as they can, this is the perfect encapsulation of EXO's skills. Sensual, synchronised and enough to make you sweat a little.

19. A.C.E: Take Me Higher

Every member gets to shine in their own way in this choreo that moves at an unexpectedly fast pace.

20. UNB: Feeling

The unity in UNB's dancing is something really special, especially when it's a song as energetic as "Feeling".

21. CLC: Black Dress

There's so much attitude in the dance and song, and the girls epitomise it in their sharp suits and cut-throat moves.

22. Apink: I'm So Sick

The contradiction of such smooth moves with lyrics of splitting up with someone who's making being in love too difficult is actually genius.

23. WJSN: Dreams Come True

Considering there are 13 members all trying to shine here, the choreography is cleverly created to give space to different groups of girls. Along with the maypole-style twirling and the domino-effect rows of moves, it's mesmerising dancing.


The killing part of this song is all it takes to know this choreo. Everything about BLACKPINK is determined and precise, and their moves become national conversation points. That's choreography of the year material.

25. Dreamcatcher: You and I

It's hard to dance to rock music, but Dreamcatcher do it so well. This choreography confirms one thing: you do not want to mess with the women of Dreamcatcher.

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