The club is under fire for their treatment of guests
30 Jan 2019 - 9:47 AM  UPDATED 30 Jan 2019 - 9:47 AM

BIGBANG Seungri's nightclub Burning Sun and its staff are under fire for recent assaults that took place in the club.

On January 28, a report aired on Korean news program News Desk where a victim, Mr Kim, said he had been assaulted at the club while attempting to help a woman who was being sexually harassed. He said he was beaten by security guards, and that when police arrived, he was arrested as an assailant and also assaulted by the police.

Burning Sun's CEOs Lee Sung Hyun and Lee Moon Ho issued a statement apologising and confirming a staff member had been fired following the events.

However, a second issue came to light when CCTV footage showed a woman stumbling while being dragged through a hallway in the club. In the video, she grabs onto a computer and desk seemingly in need of help, but staff ignore her. The woman is said to have reported the assault to the police, but the police did not take action and Burning Sun deleted the footage.

Burning Sun have responded since, uploading more CCTV footage allegedly from the same night and giving a statement about the woman in the video.

"This is our explanation statement regarding the video in question. There are additional videos from the same day as when she was dragged out.

On December 1, 2018 around 1.35AM, an intoxicated woman (Thai) at a VIP table was causing a disturbance through actions such as unsealing alcohol at the table and secretly drinking it, and so actions were taken for her to leave.

In the process of her leaving, she committed the first act of assault on the guard’s head. After our Burning Sun guard team called the police, they were waiting and a female Burning Sun guard was in charge.

A staff member who was able to communicate with the foreigner (the male wearing a denim jacket) explained the situation in English but she became angry instead and she assaulted the female guard and sales team member.

After the police arrived, we submitted the video in question to the police, the foreign guest was arrested, we received assault settlement money afterwards for the repair cost of the laptop, and the case was closed."

Since then a Burning Sun female security guard has corroborated the club's statement and denied that the woman was being taken away to be sexually assaulted, as was being suggested by some. Burning Sun also shared an apologetic letter they said was from the woman in question.

Director Jang of Burning Sun told news outlet E-Daily that he was apologetic for the violence committed, while adding: "As is seen in the CCTV footage, I witnessed Mr. Kim approaching female guests numerous times, and as civil complaints from guests increased I couldn't let it pass. It's true that there is ambiguity about 'harassment' due to the particular nature of it being a 'club'".

He also commented on Seungri's association with the club saying: "Currently there are many articles with related search terms that say 'Seungri club'. However, not only was Seungri not at the club on the day of the incident, he's also someone we do not see often. I want to say clearly that the assault was my mistake".

A petition has been created on the South Korean government's Blue House petition board calling for an investigation of the police who arrested Mr. Kim. It currently has over 200,000 signatures, which means the government is obligated to make an official statement.

Neither Seungri or YG Entertainment have issued a statement as of yet.



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