There's a main group and two units coming your way
8 Feb 2019 - 8:13 AM  UPDATED 8 Feb 2019 - 8:13 AM

YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk has confirmed that the winning trainees from YG Treasure Box will not only debut in two groups, but as one main 13-member group named TREASURE13.

TREASURE13 will be two units acting as one, with the individual groups named TREASURE AND MAGNUMIn a message shared in a blog post on YG Life, YG said it had always been his intention to debut a 13-member group but issues to do with line distribution and management of large member groups made him choose to break them into two units so members can shine more.

He also said that MAGNUM was originally the name considered for BLACKPINK, but he felt it wouldn't suit their image so it's now being used for the new boy group. He said the meaning of MAGNUM is wanting listeners to get drunk on the music, like a magnum of champagne.

YG said he'll consider TREASURE13 as his third generation boy group following in the footsteps of BIGBANG then WINNER and iKON. Unlike his previous groups, TREASURE13 won't immediately be producing their own music, and it's expected producers from YG, The Black Label and YGX including Teddy will work on the group's debut music.

TREASURE13's debut is set for sometime between May and July but the date remains unconfirmed. 

You can read his full post here.


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