He will no longer appear on '2 Days & 1 Night', 'Salty Tour' and '4 Wheeled Restaurant'
12 Mar 2019 - 12:11 PM  UPDATED 12 Mar 2019 - 3:04 PM

UPDATE: On March 12, three television shows have confirmed that Jung Joon Young will no longer be part of their programs.

The production team of 2 Days & 1 Night confirmed it in a statement reading:

"Considering the severity of the matter, the production team has decided to halt Jung Joon Young's appearances on 2 Days & 1 Night. For the two episodes that have completed filming, we will edit out scenes featuring Jung Joon Young as much as possible.

We ask for understanding from the viewers"

Following them was tvN which is home to Salty Tour and 4 Wheeled Restaurant. The network's statement read:

"We are notifying you of the position of the producers of tvN’s 4 Wheeled Restaurant and Salty Tour in regards to Jung Joon Young.

4 Wheeled Restaurant: Season 3 was originally planned so that Jung Joon Young would participate in our filming in LA and Lee Min Woo would participate in our filming in San Francisco. Jung Joon Young is returning to Korea after completing all of his scheduled filming for the show, so we are currently in the midst of filming in our next location, San Francisco, together with Lee Min Woo. Because the producers fully understand the gravity of this matter, they have decided to completely edit out all of Jung Joon Young’s footage.

The producers of Salty Tour have taken into consideration the gravity of this matter, and they have decided to remove Jung Joon Young from Salty Tour. From now on, the show will air with all of Jung Joon Young’s footage edited out.

We ask for the viewers’ understanding"

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Jung Joon Young's agency has officially responded to allegations of him sharing hidden camera footage in a chatroom with fellow celebrities.

It has been reported that Jung Joon Young shared illegal hidden camera footage several times in a chatroom, showing himself engaging in sexual relations with women who did not know they were being filmed. The chatroom also included BIGBANG's Seungri, and one other yet to be named singer, as well as other men.

On March 12, MakeUs Entertainment issued a statement:

"We fully understand the gravity of the allegations being made against Jung Joon Young, who is a singer under our new label, Label M, and we consider them deeply regrettable.

Therefore, we are currently in contact with Jung Joon Young, who is in the midst of working abroad, but it is still difficult for us to ascertain the truth of the matter. We apologise. However, Jung Joon Young has decided to cease all of his work abroad in order to return to Korea immediately, and he has stated that he intends to actively cooperate with police investigations as soon as he returns to the country

We would like to apologise once again for the distress caused by this unpleasant matter."



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