Seungri also denied allegations of overseas gambling
20 Mar 2019 - 10:36 AM  UPDATED 20 Mar 2019 - 10:36 AM

Seungri has denied allegations of prostitution services and overseas gambling in a phone interview with Korean media outlet Sisa Journal. The exclusive interview was arranged through Seungri's lawyer Son Byung Ho

Regarding the allegations of Seungri and his friends conducting illegal activity covered up by a friend in the police, he said: "Didn't all of these events begin with the conversations from the KakaoTalk? Just as we wrote 'police chief', we were just fools, just friends who were bluffing and showing off without knowing anything".

The chatroom often referred to a 'police chief' who has now been revealed as a senior superintendent officer.

Seungri added: "I'm in a situation where even if I tell the truth, no one will believe it. Even the investigators believe that the contents of the KakaoTalk are all true and considered evidence."

He said he was afraid he wouldn't be judged fairly due to his fame, and stated that there was no overseas gambling or prostitution services. Regarding previous gambling reports, he said: "When I said that I earned money during that time, or when I sent pictures of money, I was just bluffing and lying. I wanted to show off, so I said things that weren't even true".

Seungri's lawyer also discussed the prostitution allegations in a separate interview. In 2014, there were alleged  chatroom conversations between Seungri and a business acquaintance seeking a woman to bring on their trip to Indonesia. Seungri had presented various women as options.

Lawyer Son Byung Ho stated that the business acquaintance had asked Seungri to introduce him to a woman who could accompany him on the trip as if she were his wife or girlfriend, but Seungri and the acquaintance eventually went on the trip without any women.

Sisa Journal reported a final message from Seungri which read: "I was in the wrong. I shouldn't have gotten involved with those guys and done those things".



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