The J-pop idol took to Twitter to voice her criticisms
25 Mar 2019 - 11:31 AM  UPDATED 25 Mar 2019 - 11:32 AM

NGT48's management company AKS have released the results of their investigation into member Maho Yamaguchi's assault.

The management company held a press conference to discuss the findings of a third party investigation into the assault. In December 2018, Yamaguchi was attacked by two men outside her apartment when she was returning home after a performance. She stated after the incident that one of the men said he'd received her address and apartment number from a fellow NGT48 member.

In the press conference, management stated there was no evidence found that any member of the group was involved. Simultaneously, Yamaguchi was tweeting publicly, saying:

"The three people who are at the press conference are implying I made false statements without confirming the facts with my guardian, sponsors, media, the Niigata prefecture, the city, the police or even me. Why must I continue being hurt by the company even after this incident?"

She went on to express her anger during the press conference, saying: "Why are you telling nothing but lies?".

Yamaguchi said that the company had told her if they found any members with personal links to fans, they would be dismissed. The investigation found that some members did have personal relationships with fans and that it is problematic but said that "excessive behaviour by some fans" was what caused the assault.

The company has come under fire for their poor handling of the assault, which was only made public when Yamaguchi spoke about it herself in January 2019. Yamaguchi has also accused AKS director Takumi Matsumura of forcing her to apologise for revealing the assault.

NGT48's manager was replaced in January with Maiko Hayakawa who said at the press conference that Yamaguchi was complaining about the investigation results because it didn't reflect her opinions.

Yamaguchi is said to be considering leaving NGT48, though nothing has been officially stated yet.

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