• South Korean singer Seungri, a member of K-Pop boy band Big Bang, arrives at the Seoul Police Station. (AP)Source: AP
He spoke on Burning Sun, prostitution service allegations and more
25 Mar 2019 - 10:07 AM  UPDATED 25 Mar 2019 - 10:07 AM

In a new interview with Chosun Ilbo on March 23, Seungri discussed the allegations currently associated with him.

In the interview he stated, "I have acted in a way that is unsuitable for a public figure, and I became tied to wrongful businesses. However, I feel like what is reported right now is too far from the truth".

Further on, he stated that misconceptions around his involvement in Burning Sun have arisen and that he doesn't own the club, and that he allowed his name and image to be used in association to draw in a younger crowd and foreigners. He said: "I enjoy being a DJ so I didn't think it was a bad idea at the time, and because it was a club run at a hotel, I didn't think anything bad would happen".

He stated that besides being the face of the club, he only invested 10 million won through Yuri Holdings, and had no control over its management. He stated that if allegations regarding Burning Suns illegal practices were true: "Then I'm also a victim as a shareholder. I didn't know anything, all I did was promote for them".

Regarding the 2015 KakaoTalk chatroom messages including himself and Jung Joon Young, which Seungri had initially claimed were fabricated, he said that he hadn't been able to remember them and truly believed they were fabricated.

On whether he'd ever reprimanded Jung Joon Young for the illegal videos in the chatroom, Seungri said: "Those messages aren't my entire life. Of course I asked him to stop. When we met offline, I told him to stop and said he'd be in big trouble. I said that to all of them, not just Jung Joon Young. It was just never through text conversations".

He also stated that he had only met Senior Superintendent Yoon a few times, and that they never talked business nor was there bribery. On allegations of mediating prostitution, he said that the women invited at Club Arena were not prostitutes. Regarding to the trip to Indonesia where he facilitated women to join a business partner, Seungri stated he was trying to get on the businessman's good side as he'd invested two billion won through him, and that he'd only been helping him by introducing him to some women.

Seungri ended by saying that he hoped the investigation and results are seen objectively. He said: "I am so apologetic to the fans and public, my former agency YG, and my teammates who have been with me for over 10 years. No matter what the outcome of the investigation, I believe I will bear this for the rest of my life. I will reflect. Seeing how my wrongful actions from a few years ago have caused such a big situation, I find myself so pathetic and shameful. I hope everything is resolved soon so the public will no longer be inconvenienced".

For further translation of the interview, see here.


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