Get ready to hate almost everyone on this show
6 May 2019 - 1:50 PM  UPDATED 6 May 2019 - 1:50 PM

Sky Castle recently became the highest rated drama in Korean cable television history, and for good reason. This epic drama dives deep into a privileged world of rich parents and the pressure they put on their kids to become the best of the best - whether that's attempting to bribe the most sought-after tutors or trapping them in soundproof study rooms.

Part-melodrama, part-satire, Sky Castle enrages as much as it excites. You'll be yelling at your screen in rage before snorting at the increasingly ridiculous plot. 

If you've somehow missed the hype, here's some obvious reasons you need to watch Sky Castle right now.

1. Almost everyone is the worst

Rich parents throw lavish parties for their friends but everything has an ulterior motive, and it's to make their kids as successful as possible. Friendships are just potential steps up a never-ending social ladder, and every genuine action masks a darker intention, which of course means some really frustrating characters to channel your rage into.

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2. You know who's not the worst though? Sweet boy Woo Joo

This has been SF9 Chani's breakthrough role, and with good reason. He's the only well-adjusted boy in this show, and his burgeoning love story with top student Kim Hyena will have you invested from the very start.

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3. So much intrigue

You think you're walking into a straight up drama, right? Some fighting, some plotting, sure. Well, get ready because there's so much more to it. The consequences of parents' actions towards their children is apparent from the get-go with an unexpected bombshell that has ripple effects throughout the season.

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4. Strong female leads (who you may or may not hate)

It's been a while since there's been a hit drama with a female-driven cast. Though it's definitely an ensemble effort from the husband-wife pairs, the women are the focal point. Older female actors playing complex women, from damaged to headstrong, secretive and caring, it's amazing to see their performances and get invested in their stories.

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5. Satire that'll have you smirking

The dramatic storyline is balanced out by some great comedic moments, like watching a couple's escalating war of words that involves the husband consuming ramen for days on end as his wife refuses to cook, or a doctor's authority waning with each bumbling misstep. Though so much of the story is based in the realities of the Korean education and class system, it still leaves room for laughs.

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6. It's available to watch in Australia right now

That's right, the entire season of Sky Castle is on Netflix with English subtitles right now. So what are you waiting for?

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Tell us, have you been watching Sky Castle?


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