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11 Jun 2019 - 11:48 AM  UPDATED 11 Jun 2019 - 11:48 AM

Chinese dramas have been giving us the best of all worlds this year, with 2019 already full of all the slo-mo angst and romance we could want.

Better yet, so many Chinese web dramas are available to stream with English subtitles on YouTube, taking all the work out of finding the latest show to binge! Don't thank us, just check out the list below and get watching.

1. Put Your Head On My Shoulder

This may well be the C-drama of the year (too soon to call it?). From the creators of A Love So Beautiful, this drama is a funny and cute romance between a girl on the verge of graduation and a genius physics student who end up living together. You can guess what happens next!

2. Le Coup De Foudre

Two high-school friends who lost touch reunite four years later in this romance drama with a side-serving of angst. The pair had promised to study abroad together but family circumstances stopped it from happening. They lose touch, move on, form new relationships but when they reunite, their feelings are stronger than ever. You see what we mean about angst now?

3. Your Highness, The Class Monitor

Another fave drama trope - arguing until you fall in love. This drama pegs a wealthy rebellious boy against a competitive student who ends up at a university she doesn't want to study at. The leads' fates are more twisted than it first appears, and though it seems like they have nothing in common, that's going to change. Because it always does!

4. Just An Encore

A love rhombus awaits you with this drama! High schooler Yan Ze loves her deskmate Ji Xiao who's the smartest and best-looking boy in school (naturally). But she thinks he might like her adopted sister Xi Ye, who's better than her at everything. Meanwhile there's transfer student Xin Liang who's always ready to cheer up Yan Ze, BUT it turns out maybe Xi Ye is actually kind of into Xin Liang. Okaaaay and breathe. You know this is going to be fun so just watch it.

5. Hello, Debate Opponent

A coming-of-age drama about a university debate team full of clashing personalities, this is for people who want both the serious sides of argument and logic teamed up with the usual amusing storylines based around uni life and falling in love.

6. The Brightest Star in the Sky

Starring none other than Huang Zitao playing an idol, this drama also stars Janice Wu as an entertainment agency employee who desperately wants to be a pop star. She's tasked with being Zitao's PA, who's used to getting into all sorts of trouble. Though the pair fight non-stop, they actually have the same passion for music and drive to succeed. So will they?

Which of these dramas are you putting on your must-watch list?


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