The trainee is currently on probation for her past drug offences
14 Jun 2019 - 11:11 AM  UPDATED 17 Jun 2019 - 1:31 PM

Former trainee Han Seo Hee has spoken out after being allegedly identified as the person with whom iKON's B.I arranged a drug purchase via KakaoTalk messages in 2016.

She posted a message on Instagram after the reports began to spread. She also confirmed with Korean news program Newsdesk that the reports of YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk threatening her to change her testimony were true.

While police have not confirmed the identity of who they're referring to as "A" from the texts, Han Seo Hee has posted online saying she is currently overseas but returning to Korea shortly, and asks for people to consider this incident separately from her past behaviour, which she acknowledges and is reflecting on.

She also said that she's not looking for a lighter sentence by speaking out. She wrote:

"I don’t sell, I deliver. After using money out of my own pocket to make a purchase from the dealer, I then handed [the product] to Kim Han Bin (B.I) at the same price.

People say it’s a sales tactic, but if you think about it, it’s not. I don’t see any profit. This will be revealed later through a proper interview. If there’s going to be a reinvestigation of the [drug] delivery, then I will faithfully cooperate with authorities. The focus should be Yang Hyun Suk personally interfering in this case, making threats, and making deals with police, but I’m worried that just because my name has been revealed as the informant [‘A’ in previous articles], the focus is now all on me.

I’m asking that you see myself and this case as separate.

And I don’t know that it matters if I say this now, but I tried to stop Kim Han Bin to the end, to not do it." (Source)

Han Seo Hee is currently on probation following her involvement in BIGBANG member T.O.P's marijuana case. She was indicted for smoking marijuana with the idol twice in 2016, and for purchasing LSD twice. She was given four years on probation, and if she were to violate her probation she would be sentenced to three years in prison. She also was made to attend 120 hours in drug rehab.

YG Entertainment has not commented further on the case. iKON have recently confirmed they'll continue promotions as a six-member group, since B.I departed the group and agency.



On June 17, YG Entertainment issued a statement stating that Han Seo Hee was never a trainee at the agency. In the statement they said:

"'A', the person known as the informant, was never a trainee under YG Entertainment. Though we have made requests to media outlets to make corrections, wrong information continues to be reported. Therefore, we would like to reaffirm the fact through this official statement".



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