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4 Jul 2019 - 11:57 AM  UPDATED 4 Jul 2019 - 11:57 AM

If you're a fan of C-pop, you know there's been a wealth of new boy groups debuting in the last year or so, all thanks to popular survival shows like Idol Producer and Produce Camp 2019

While there's always the big names in C-pop boy groups, there's lots of newer groups that have debuted in the last year who you might not have heard of. We've collated some of our fave C-pop boy group debuts from 2018 and this year, to help you find a new group to fall madly in love with!


Formed by reality show Idol Producer Season 2, UNINE debuted in May 2019 with an EP titled UNLOCK.


K-pop group NCT's Chinese unit, WayV, debuted in January 2019 and have already released two EPs.


Some familiar members of NEX7 to anyone who watched Idol Producer include Fan ChengCheng, Justin and Zhu Zhengting, who placed 3rd, 4th and 6th respectively in the show. They're currently promoting with Nine Percent, but NEX7 debuted in 2018 and will be together again after October 2019.

Nine Percent

Speaking of Idol Producer you can't ignore the group born out of it. Nine Percent took a while to debut but they've been a huge success since doing so.


This five-member boy group debuted in May 2018 and all members were Idol Producer contestants.


Another 2018 debut, Mr.Tyger released double title tracks "Tiger" and "Suspended in the Night Sky" back in July.


The four member group debuted with album Allergy in August 2018, and also participated in Idol Producer under the name BC221.


If you're familiar with the Chinese version of Produce 101 - Produce Camp 2019 - then you might recognise some of the members of this very new group. 


Recruited under Banana Culture Music's trainee project, TRAINEE18, seven members debuted in October 2018 under TANGRAM.

Who's your fave new C-pop boy group?


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