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Fans are making sure MONSTA X know they're supported
7 Nov 2019 - 1:20 PM  UPDATED 8 Nov 2019 - 11:27 AM

In the last fortnight, MONSTA X have gone from kicking off promotions for new mini-album FIND YOU - FOLLOW to being hit with rumours related to members Shownu and Wonho. Last Thursday, Wonho announced his departure from the group suddenly, and according to Korean news reports, his contract with Starship Entertainment has been terminated since (Starship has not released an official statement on their social media channels regarding this yet).

Monbebes haven't taken the news sitting down, trending a different hashtag on Twitter each day in support of Wonho, Shownu and all seven members of MONSTA X. Each hashtag has entered the top 10 global Twitter trends, some amassing over 1.5 million tweets before they expire.

Along with digital protests, fans have taken physical action too. Monbebes stood outside Starship Entertainment for days after Wonho's departure, covering the building in post-it note messages and holding placards, sometimes in silent protest.

Monbebes have also gathered internationally to support projects to spread their message further. Most recently they bought a billboard in New York's Times Square. The project was spearheaded by fan Carter, and it displays an image of the group with the message, "We shine brighter as a family", listing all the members' names as well as 'Monbebe'.

This doesn't even include the multiple fan projects being run by Monbebes in different countries, with the clear message being that fans want Wonho back.

In the midst of all this, fans are still taking the time to support MONSTA X during their promotions, with the boys getting their first win for "FOLLOW" on The Show earlier this week.

Stay strong Monbebes!


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