The girls are back and they have something to say
15 Nov 2019 - 10:47 AM  UPDATED 15 Nov 2019 - 10:47 AM

MAMAMOO don't shy away when they have something to say and with their latest song "Hip", they've taken aim at the haters with some pointed lyrics and visuals.

At their showcase, MAMAMOO's Hwasa said the song is about "living a life where you don't care about how other people see you and it's a song about a life that's the most like you. Sincere 'hip' comes from the mindset of loving myself, so the song conveys the meaning of valuing yourself and living confidently rather than caring about what others think".

With that in mind, the four-member group star in a music video that has some striking visuals to match up with their message. From the climate emergency to fashion call-outs, there's plenty to dissect in the "Hip" MV, and you can hear MAMAMOO loud and clear.

1. Climate emergency on blast

The members appear as protesters carrying signs about the climate crisis, immediately capturing your attention as one of the many 'controversies' they call out in the MV.

2. President Hwasa

Firstly - yes, we would vote for President Hwasa, that's not even a question. Secondly, this particular moment is a response to negative press Hwasa received after wearing a crop top bra to the airport. She followed it up by wearing t-shirts with no bra on her next airport visits, as a subtle retort to sexist criticism. 

3. Solar + drag queens

K-pop has a long way to go when it comes to LGBTQI+ representation. There's the occasional music video storyline (often serving more of a punchline than an honest portrayal), but mainstream K-pop doesn't reach out to LGBTQI+ communities often. Having two drag queens perform in this MV is a meaningful choice.

4. Moonbyul running the show

The narrative of women in power is still not common in entertainment globally and South Korea is no different: K-dramas have started showing more working women, and we already know about so many hard-working women in K-pop, but it's not the status quo yet.

That makes the visual of Moonbyul, in a suit sitting comfortably like a boss in a record label's office, both inspirational and aspirational.

5. Leaders!

It's in giant letters so you can't miss it: in the opening and final shots, they're surrounded by messages of 'we make it cool', 'I'm the trendsetter' and more. It's a rally cry to all women to stand tall and follow your own path, and it's motivational as hell.

If you haven't watched MAMAMOO's "Hip" yet, check it out now!


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