The agency has responded in a statement of their own
18 Nov 2019 - 3:18 PM  UPDATED 18 Nov 2019 - 3:18 PM

K-pop boy group TRCNG members Wooyeop and Taeseon have filed a criminal complaint against their agency, TS Entertainment.

In a statement from their lawyer, it was confirmed that the members have filed against two individuals from TS Entertainment for charges including child abuse and injury resulting from violence.

They cited the reasons for terminating their exclusive contracts with the agency as the long-time absence of a CEO and loss of management due to legal disputes with its artists, and acts of violence from Director Park Sang Hyun and choreography director Yoon against the members.

According to the two TRCNG members, the director forced them into dance practice from 5pm to 5am daily, as well as vocal and personal practice that would begin at 10am. Both members were minors and say the company acted in its own interest, forcing the pair to drop out of school due to the 2-3 hour commute being too long to suit their work schedule.

They also cited acts of habitual violence from Director Park Sang Hyun, saying he'd use a game as an excuse to assault them. Choreography director Yoon was also accused of abuse, with the claim stating he assaulted Wooyeop with a steel chair in June 2019. The company took no action and Wooyeop sought out his own care, including psychological support for abuse experienced since pre-debut.

In the statement, it's written that Taeseon was often physically assaulted and scolded as he was the group leader.

The members also cited their living conditions in the statement, as their water and electricity had been cut off due to unpaid bills. They say the agency didn't provide them with food and didn't take action in repairing broken items in their dorm like the toilet and air conditioner.

The statement also says Wooyeop was extorted by one of the agency's employees for the sum of 1.2 million won.

TS Entertainment have released a statement in response, saying what is being claimed by Taeseon and Wooyeop is not true, and that other TRCNG members don't agree with it. The agency plans to take legal action for damage caused to their reputation.

TRCNG are currently under nine-year contracts with TS Entertainment.

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