The idol has recently been missing from MONSTA X's public schedules
13 Jan 2020 - 8:35 AM  UPDATED 13 Jan 2020 - 8:35 AM

MONSTA X's Jooheon will be taking a break from the group to focus on his mental health.

In a statement from Starship Entertainment released on January 12, the agency confirmed that Jooheon, who goes by the stage name Joohoney, has been showing symptoms of anxiety and has been examined and received treatment from different professionals. They said: "The results of the examination showed that due to anxiety symptoms, sufficient rest and stability are essential for him to make a full recovery".

"We have had a thorough discussion with Joohoney and the MONSTA X members and have decided to focus on the restoration of Joohoney's health through continuous treatment and stability".

The agency also said that the idol's return will be decided based on his progress in recovery and professional medical opinions, as well as in discussion with Jooheon and MONSTA X.

Read the full statement below.


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