B.I's production and lyrics will feature on the new album
29 Jan 2020 - 2:41 PM  UPDATED 29 Jan 2020 - 2:41 PM

YG Entertainment has confirmed that the new iKON album will feature songs which included B.I as a composer and lyricist.

In a statement released on their official Twitter, YG Entertainment explained that iKON's new mini album, titled i DECIDE, was recorded in early 2019 and was slated for release in mid-2019 originally. Following B.I's departure from the group and agency, the agency held discussions on how to move forward.

They said that they considered excluding all songs that B.I participated in lyrics and composition for and starting over but that it would further delay iKON's comeback. Another option was to exclude all of B.I's parts and make new melodies for the members to record. The agency says they chose to do both. In the statement they wrote:

"As the existing tracks were not written by B.I alone and are joint products with YG's internal producers, and they are songs filled with iKON members' efforts and affection during the preparation period, we decided to use them with adjustments".

YG Entertainment also confirmed that a new song has been added that features a member as a composer for the first time.

The agency offered its apologies to fans and asked for their support as iKON prepare for their first comeback as six members. i DECIDE will be released on February 6.

You can read a full translation of the statement on Soompi.


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