Maybe these will give you some creative home activity ideas?
19 Mar 2020 - 12:15 PM  UPDATED 19 Mar 2020 - 12:15 PM

We know right now a lot of us are confined to our homes, and maybe you're already running low on things to keep you occupied. Well, here's double the entertainment: tv shows that are all about being at home that will also give you ideas about what to do at home!

Whether it's for socially awkward people who prefer their own company, or just showing off what it's like to live alone, there's a bunch of Asian reality shows that you can watch to get that cosy at home feeling, while also escaping reality for a little bit.

Check out our suggestions to get you started.

I Live Alone

The OG of homebody programming, this Korean reality show has had many famous guests giving an insight into their homes. The show features a panel who watch pre-filmed footage alongside the guest, and see what a day at home looks like for them. You can not only find out more about what some celebs like to do in their downtime, it also gives you a glimpse into Korean home life and maybe even some interior inspiration!

It's Dangerous Beyond The Blankets

This show was specifically created as a safe space for homebodies. It focuses on a group of celebs who are all renowned for loving to be alone at home, and putting them together in a luxury holiday house for a short period of time. They are encouraged to spend time together, but there's also plenty of alone-time activities, which range from housemates sleeping endlessly to doing skincare or listening to music.

It's pretty fun to watch these introverts interact too!

Terrace House

This Japanese reality series has earned praise for being a more gentle and honest type of Big Brother show. A group of strangers live together in a beautiful home somewhere in Japan (and there's also a season in Hawaii!), with housemates leaving and new ones arriving on occasion. Sometimes the aim is to find love, but often it's just about connecting with new people, sharing their journeys and gaining strength to persevere in their careers and lives.

It'll leave you feeling warmhearted without you having to leave the comfort of your couch!

The Return of Superman

For those looking for some wholesome family times, look no further than this adorable show that's all about stay-at-home celebrity dads and their kids. The show has been on air for quite some time so you can have a fun binge-fest watching hours of episodes available on YouTube. There's even an Aussie on the show, comedian Sam Hammington!

Hyori's Homestay

K-pop idol Hyori transformed her life by moving to Jeju Island with her husband some years ago. In this two-season series (you can find it on Netflix in Australia), she opens her home up to guests as a bed & breakfast, and gets a celebrity helper too (season one has IU, while season two has Girls' Generation's Yoona and special guest Park Bo Gum).

It feels like a holiday just watching this show, as the languid days pass with delicious home cooking, taking in the beautiful local nature, and watching the couple live a mostly sustainable life on their big patch of land. Makes you want to move out there too!


For a more chaotic home time viewing, check out this Korean classic reality show. It features some big stars in their earlier years, like EXO's Chanyeol, GOT7's Jackson and WINNER's Seunghoon, plus more established artists like 2NE1's Park Bom and actor Lee Dong Wook. There's a lot of yelling, arguing and laughter, and a lot of fun memes were born out of this show, whether you may know it or not!

Do you plan on adding any of these shows to your to-watch list while at home?


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