These idols are so popular you can spot their faces in train stations across Seoul!
8 Apr 2020 - 10:07 AM  UPDATED 8 Apr 2020 - 10:07 AM

One of the more unique aspects of K-pop fandom is the purchase of advertisement spaces in Korean train stations. It's a practice that's spread across the world as K-pop has become more globally known, and in Seoul it's common to see billboards celebrating idols in train stations.

The billboards are usually bought by idol fan group's who collectively raise money to advertise their faves, usually to show support for idol's birthdays, comebacks or group anniversaries. 

Seoul Metro has now done the maths to reveal which idols had the most advertisements bought for them in 2019, and here's the list.

1. BTS (227 ads)
2. EXO (165 ads)
3. Wanna One (159 ads)
4. NCT (127 ads)
5. NU'EST (44 ads)
6. SEVENTEEN (41 ads)
7. IZ*ONE & Super Junior (40 ads)
8. TWICE & BLACKPINK (22 ads)

The rankings also placed BTS' Jungkook as the idol with the most individual billboards, with 46 ads. He was followed by EXO's Baekhyun with 35 ads, and BTS' V with 31 ads.

These billboards can cost an average of AUD6000 a month, so consider how much money is being raised by these fandoms to display their idols across Seoul!



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