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Feeling down? K-pop is the cure!
23 Apr 2020 - 12:38 PM  UPDATED 23 Apr 2020 - 12:38 PM

Feeling a little low? We get it, things are rough at the moment, and it's hard to find ways to cheer yourself up. We recommend throwing on some K-pop and escaping into a bright and loud world of music!

Here's some tracks we think are immediate mood boosters for when you're feeling low.

fromis_9: FUN!

If this song doesn't brighten your mood, the music video absolutely will


Sing along loudly and by the end of the song all your stress will be gone

Red Velvet: Power Up

This summer song is so catchy you'll be transported to a whole other world

TWICE: Cheer Up

Pretty obvious why we can't go past this TWICE song for a mood boost!


Need a confidence boost? You can't go past this girl power anthem.


Over 189 million views on this video can't be wrong. MOMOLAND just know how to give us catchy tunes!

Weki Meki: Picky Picky

This is one of those bops that creeps up on you, and before you know it you're dancing around the house.

Orange Caramel: My Copycat

We can't scientifically prove it, but Orange Caramel are a sure-fire cure to any sadness

Wonder Girls: So Hot

Once a bop, always a bop - the nostalgia of this Wonder Girls track alone will have you smiling

Pristin: Wee Woo

Pristin may have disbanded but they still cheer us up with this bright song

Lovelyz: Ah-Choo

This song is so sweet, how could you not feel the mood brighten as you listen to it!

April: Oh! My Mistake

Bop along to the retro vibes of this song and feel your mood get happier by the second!

LOONA: So What

Want to go from zero to 100 real quick? LOONA's high octane track will do it for you

Girls' Generation: Holiday

Can't go out to party? Don't worry, the party comes to you with this bright and fun tune.

Sistar: Shake It

Transport yourself to summer with this Sistar classic and your mood will be brightened 100%

What's your go-to girl group song when you need a mood boost?


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