Now's the perfect time to catch up on what you missed!
3 Jun 2020 - 12:39 PM  UPDATED 3 Jun 2020 - 12:39 PM

We're already reaching the halfway mark in 2020, and we know you've probably watched a lot of television this year. But have you caught up on all the excellent K-dramas that have been released in the first half of the year?

Here's 7 dramas we think you absolutely have to watch this year. Good thing you have another six months to catch up on them!

Crash Landing on You

This drama of star-crossed lovers split by a very real boundary won over fans to become one of the most-watched dramas of the year already. Son Ye Jin plays a South Korean chaebol heiress who accidentally parachutes into North Korea and is saved by an army captain (Hyun Bin), who helps her stay in hiding in his home while they plot a way for her to get back home. You already know this setup is rife for romance, so get watching!

The King: Eternal Monarch

A parallel world drama with a twist, this drama focuses on two Koreas - one remains a monarchy with Lee Minho as king, the other is the South Korea we know. When he discovers a way to travel between the worlds, he finds his fated partner, a detective played by Kim Go Eun. But someone else is travelling between the worlds - the man who killed the King's father many years ago. It's a murder-thriller-historical-romance, are you ready to have your heart broken?

Hospital Playlist

Five best friends who work as surgeons in a hospital; the premise seems pretty ordinary right? But this drama comes from the makers of the Reply series, so what you get is a nuanced drama about friendships, family and work, with enough medical sub-plots to make you cry buckets. There's something so wholesome and heartwarming about this drama, you'll be hooked in from the first episode and want to join this fun group of friends immediately.

Dr. Romantic 2

Another medical drama, but with a different vibe entirely. If you haven't seen the first Dr. Romantic you can still enjoy this one, which kicks off three years after then. Ahn Hyo Seop plays a doctor with a troubled past who is treated poorly by his fellow doctors, until Han Suk Kyu shows up with a job offer. Joined by Lee Sung Kyung's suspended doctor trying to get over a surgery mistake, the three start up at a new hospital. The two have that classic push-pull that'll keep you hooked til the end!

Itaewon Class

Hope you like being angry because our main character Park Sae Ro Yi (Park Seo Joon) is full of rage and ready to exact revenge through his own success. After his father is murdered and the culprit walks free, he dedicates his life to becoming successful and seeking justice. He opens a restaurant with a ragtag collective of people in the bustling international neighbourhood of Itaewon, and so begins a war of wits and business that thrills and angers in equal measure. Get ready to yell at your screen til you lose your voice.

The World of the Married

Based on the BBC series Doctor Foster, this drama has become the highest rated in South Korean cable television history, generating endless buzz around the plot and performances. It focuses on Ji Sun Woo (Jung Ha Eun), a successful hospital associate director who seems to live a perfect life with her husband and son. But when she suspects her husband is cheating on her, she seeks revenge and so we fall into a whirlpool of anger, sadness and healing.


Looking for something soft? How about this adorable drama about a cat that's actually a man? And not just any man - he's played by INFINITE's L, aka Kim Myung Soo. Welcome is based on a webtoon about a woman (Shin Ye Eun) in her 20s who dreams of becoming a webtoon artist. When she takes home an ordinary looking cat, she certainly doesn't expect it to transform into a human being, who then keeps getting her into unexpected situations! For a dose of whimsy, you can't go past this underrated drama!

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