The agency has issued a stern statement on the ongoing issue
24 Jun 2020 - 3:18 PM  UPDATED 24 Jun 2020 - 3:18 PM

SM Entertainment has stated they will take legal action against those spreading malicious rumours about NCT's Taeyong.

There have been ongoing rumours since Taeyong's debut regarding his behaviour and actions in middle school. Taeyong has since apologised for his actions, both publicly and to the victim, and provided compensation. 

SM Entertainment has stated that an individual has been posting unconfirmed and distorted facts online about Taeyong's past actions, claiming they are acting on behalf of the victim. The agency has been aware but not taken action as Taeyong didn't want to cause any secondary damage to his friends from school, or those associated with them.

Following on from this, the agency wrote: "However, the distorted claims continued to surface and spread, leading to serious damage in the form of invasion of privacy, insults, and defamation of not only Taeyong but also his family. The situation has reached a point in which we cannot continue to show tolerance to protect our artist. Therefore, if malicious posts about Taeyong continue to surface, we will no longer overlook them and take strong legal action for defamation against the informant".

The agency also said they will take strong action on the spreading of related unconfirmed content, and malicious comments about Taeyong and his family. SM Entertainment has also asked for people to respect the privacy of all those related to Taeyong in his middle school years, including the original informant.

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