Are you the one?

Your People's Choice picks for the If You Are The One Australian specials have been decided. 

Everyone needs good advice from time to time.
As you If You Are The One fans know, the show involves a lot of judgement... why not get involved!
Meng Fei even had a favourite girl... he wanted to keep her as a pet.
How to spill the beans in true Asian drama fashion.
Yet to experience the wonder (& awkwardness) that is "If You Are The One"? Lucky you can find a glorious amount of episodes here. Sound the alarm "BINGE WATCH!"
Lee Lin Chin predicts your LNY fortune
And it's not as rosy as you might like

Find out your Lunar New Year fortune as predicted by Lee Lin Chin + event info, mouth-watering recipes & more LNY fun! 

Just in case you need more convincing...

Meng Fei tells us what he thinks of Luhan, Rain & Andy Trieu.
Love never dies.... in the fans' hearts.
Here's how to turn down all of those Valentine's Day date offers, "If You Are The One" style...
You know you want to do it... even if just to be in the presence of Meng Fei.
Wang Qian is one of the most memorable contestants on "If You Are The One" & she will live on in memes!