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DIY neck frills, substitute wind machines, socially distanced dance-offs… we’ve got your Eurovision house party covered.
Chris Zeiher

12 May 2020 - 5:54 PM  UPDATED 13 May 2020 - 5:09 PM

For six decades the Eurovision party has gone on uninterrupted, but this year’s celebratory soirees are going to look a little different. Instead of the convivial physical gatherings of Eurovision die-hards we’ll instead be hosting iso-parties via Zoom, Houseparty, Google Hangout or some other live streaming service.

Virtual Zoom backgrounds for your Eurovision 2020 party
Take your #SBSEurovision viewing up a notch.

Although attending in person may be limited in number, depending on which state or territory you live in, it does not mean the party has to suffer; exactly the opposite, in fact! We’ve become so well versed in connecting with friends, family and loved ones online recently that moving the Eurovision celebrations to a virtual platform extends the invitation to everyone, regardless of where they live.

Check your bandwidth, invite your crew, prep your quarantinis and follow these 5 simple steps to make your Eurovision iso-party next-level amazing!

1. DIY costuming & make-up

A Verka Serduchka mirror ball ensemble may be out of the question this year as lock-down is forcing us to get creative in preparing to bring the bling for Eurovision 2020: Big Night In! Whether it’s digging deep in your wardrobe, raiding the kids’ costume box or simply getting inventive, here are some hints for iso-DIY.

It’s frilling! Follow these simple instructions to create the perfect neck frill as donned by Australia’s amazing Montaigne. Bonus points if you’ve a tightly curled blue wig and some clown make-up.

How about recycling Kate’s crown? It was the must-have headwear of 2019, and it’s time to bring that bejazzled beauty out of storage for another run. 


Or follow Russia’s Anton “Boo” Lissov of the band Little Big and mimic his exaggerated, yet subtle (by Eurovision standards) black lip. It’s what all fashionable kids in Moscow are sporting nowadays!


2. Iso dance-off

This year’s contest has an abundance of catchy up-tempo entries accompanied by brilliant dance routines. For those yet to get themselves up to speed on the fancy footwork, co-ordinated camera turns and wibbly finger frenzies, then go no further than these three gems.

From death drops to finger pops, get yourself moving with ‘Uno’ by Russia’s Little Big.

It’s no wonder EuROOPvision started trending after Lithuanian band The Roop stormed to victory at their national selection. Those in the know suggested that the simple finger-wobbling cockscomb dance featured in their entry ‘On Fire’ was that magic element that could have propelled Lithuania to its first ever contest win.   

Iceland’s Daði & Gagnamagnið became a viral sensation on launching the official video to accompany their Dad anthem ‘Think About Things’. And in doing so they’ve created what can best be described as Eurovision’s ‘Nutbush’, a dance that will be trotted out at every Eurovision event infinitum.  



3. Prepare your props

No industrial-strength wind machine on hand? No worries, it’s easy to substitute one by using the household hairdryer or pedestal fan. It’ll come in super useful during the hairography offered by Serbia this year.

Do a Jessica Mauboy and get yourself a ‘Sea of Flags’. Prepare for Eurovision 2020: Big Night In! by printing out the flags of your fave entries, secure them to a skewer and get flapping. Or, for a dramatic background, string them up and create some Eurovision bunting.

There’s a clutch of big ballsy ballads in this year’s contest, so light up your mobile phone torch when we approach the entries from Albania, Slovenia and Norway. And for our lip-syncers, feel free to use a nearby lamp to help create light and shadow as you emphasise those dramatic big notes.


4. Drink Dutch and let them eat… cheese?

The Netherlands lays claim to having invented the precursor to gin, a deadly little drop called genever. And, although getting your hands on a traditional bottle of this liquor may be a little difficult from iso-land, make the drink of choice for every Eurovision party this year a gin & tonic with a wedge of orange, creating the perfect nod to the country’s unofficial national colour.

For those who prefer amber ale, go no further than celebrating the evening with a Dutch favourite like Heineken, Amstel or Grölsch.

Far more practical than the manster wheel, opt for a fabulous cheese wheel laden with local Dutch varieties such as a light Gouda, a mellow and salty Edam and a sweet and nutty Maasdammer. Team with some quince paste and rosemary crackers and you’ll be itching to Insta your board!  #Eurovision #BigNightIn 


5. Share, share, share

The best way to remain connected this year is to share the Eurovision love online. SBS will be uniting our dedicated Eurovision audience watching from home, where viewers can join the conversation and have the chance to see their tweets and lounge room party pics on screen during Eurovision 2020: Big Night In! by using #Eurovision #BigNightIn. 


Don your most outlandish party clothes and all the glitter you can handle for Eurovision 2020: Big Night In! airing on Saturday 16 May at 7:30pm on SBS.

Share your fabulous look and socially-distanced party pics using #SBSEurovision and #BigNightIn, for the chance to see your tweets and pics featured on screen during the show.

Remember to dress to impress, and while we have you, submit a you a short video of yourself, telling us who gets your "Douze Points". Here's Courtney Act to tell you how: 


Post your video to Twitter or an Instagram public account, and use the hashtags #SBSEurovision and #BigNight in.  

Also tune in as we wrap up our week-long celebration of Eurovision on SBS on Sunday 17 May at 8.30pm with Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light from host country, The Netherlands.


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Virtual Zoom backgrounds for your Eurovision 2020 party
Take your #SBSEurovision viewing up a notch.
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