The 'Eurovision - Australia Decides' contender talks us through his Eurovision journey.
Fiona Williams

7 Feb 2019 - 4:54 PM  UPDATED 7 Feb 2019 - 2:26 PM

On Saturday 9 February, Australians will get to choose which artist will represent us at the Eurovision Song Contest in May. We're getting to know each of the 10 contenders as they prepare for the big live events on Queensland's Gold Coast. 


Tell us about your song, ‘Dust’
When I got presented with the opportunity to enter my song into Eurovision, I chose 'Dust', which I wrote about a month beforehand. I was like, ‘Yeah, this song, it's pretty fresh. It's always on my mind, so I feel like this would be the right choice’. I just kind of put it forward, thankfully they liked it and here we are! It’s kind of crazy.

I'm quite new to song writing - this was the fourth songwriting session I had done like, ever. I thought, ‘Let's write something real'; not a mainstream pop kind of song that has no meaning. I wanted it to have a real meaning behind it and so we were thinking and thinking and then somehow Dust came about. It’s about the things that people don't like to talk about, that you just sweep the dust under the rug 'cause you can't even bothered to clean it.

So it started out as ‘the dust that like you sweep under rugs’ and we were like, ‘That sounds terrible! We have to change that!’ So then it eventuated to ‘the dust that we sweep under us’ as it became a story of a broken relationship; you just keep going back to each other even though it's a bad relationship. Plenty of people have experienced that. You push all the problems down and sweep the dust under us, under the relationship. And I thought that would be a good thing to take from the dark and put into the light, on the Eurovision stage.

Aydan: 'Dust' 

By Aydan, Cam Bluff and Dylan Joel

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And do you have a connection to Eurovision?
Yeah, though I have a confession: I'm on the bandwagon. I started watching when Guy Sebastian did the first year! I'm still quite young and I'm not gonna lie to anybody: Guy Sebastian got me onto Eurovision. But since then I've watched it every year, just I got hooked on the idea of bringing different people and different cultures together and celebrating one thing: music.

The main event does have a competitive element to it, since we can only send one artist to Eurovision. You're no stranger to that kind of forum.
Yeah, exactly.

How do you think this one compares to your experience on 'The Voice'?
Yeah, well I mean it's similar but different. It's similar in that you don't really consider it a competition 'cause it's like you get to know everybody and they all become friends. You're all gonna go out and do your best and whatever happens, happens. It's not like ‘I'm gonna beat you’ and that kind of thing. Because there's no point in doing that.

Wait, it's not?!
Ha! Yeah, that's what I'm supposed to say [laughs]. No, it's actually really cool, especially for someone like me who's kind of just coming onto the music scene to be able to meet people like Electric Fields and Sheppard, who I really look up to. It's a great opportunity, and it's definitely none of that cut throat stuff; it's all very encouraging. We all obviously want the same thing, but the main thing is that we all do our best on stage. That's kind of the one thing everyone's striving for.

Can you give us some insights into how you're going to perform the song?
Sure.  I didn't want to take away too much from the song itself. I didn't want it to be too theatrical, if you will.  I wanted it to be quite stripped back and just me on stage doing my thing and performing. So there's not too many tricks. I don't have anything up my sleeve. It's just gonna be a real performance and I'm just gonna try and focus and hone in on that emotion as much as I can to tell a really convincing story and a really real story.


Watch Aydan perform LIVE at the Gold Coast in 'Eurovision - Australia Decides', along with with Sheppard, Mark Vincent, Electric Fields, Courtney Act, Kate Miller-Heidke, Leea Nanos, Ella Hooper, Tania Doko, and Alfie Arcuri. Be a part of history and see it live at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Friday 8 February, 7.30pm AEST (Not televised)
Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre

Saturday 9 February, 1.00pm AEST (Not televised)
Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre

Saturday 9 February, 7.30pm AEST
Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre
Live and Exclusive TV Broadcast on SBS


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Eurovision – Australia Decides airs Saturday 9 February live on SBS, when voting will be open to the public.

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*Voting opens at 1:00am AEDT on Saturday 9 February. To register an SMS vote, voters must text the song number (as promoted in program) of their favourite Act to 1991 3773. Premium SMS must be enabled to vote. Voting costs $0.55 per vote and the maximum number of votes is 20 per mobile phone provider. By casting a valid vote for Eurovision – Australia Decides voters will automatically be entered into the “Eurovision – Australia Decides – Win the Ultimate Trip to the Gold Coast!” competition. 

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