Milliner Chantelle Ford talks us though the process of making a crown for the queen of Eurovision 2019.
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16 May 2019 - 5:08 PM  UPDATED 16 May 2019 - 5:08 PM

How did you and Kate get in touch?

There were actually three independent factors that led to Kate and I connecting to produce her Eurovision headpiece: The first was Kate’s stylist, Maia Liakos, who now tells me she had flagged Ford Millinery as a favourite to design a headpiece for her performance (which is a huge compliment). Independently, Steven Khalil (the Designer of Kate’s stunning gown) also recommended Maia approach us to design a custom headpiece for the occasion - which is another great compliment! When Maia finally contacted me with the brief, there was absolute no doubt in my mind that I wanted to join the team to design Kate’s Eurovision performance headpiece. Coincidentally, Kate and I had actually met four years ago on the set of Channel 9’s Mornings (I was being interviewed as the Winner of The Block, and I believe Kate was performing) - and I fan-girled her for a photo in the greenroom! I love her music and her spirit and it is a great honour that all these world’s collided to make this collaboration possible.


Do you have any history with Eurovison? (e.g. Watched? Other headpieces?)

I am a HUGE fan of Eurovision (a fact that my French partner finds amusing)! Before moving to Sydney a few years ago, my friends and I would douse ourselves in glitter and be front and centre at one of the many public Eurovision parties that Melbourne had to offer - with all the usual voting and games that go hand in hand with any good Eurovision party!). Funnily enough, the styling team behind Courtney Act’s Eurovision - Australia Decides Eurovision look and video clip also contacted me to produce a collection of signature “Love Me Do” headpieces, which were in keeping with Courtney’s 'Fight for Love' song. Due to a last minute change in creative direction, the headpieces weren’t used… But all worked out in the end!


What's your best advice for people making a crown? 

Unless you want to sparkle for the next 3-months (and I’m talking face, hair, floor, food, phone) AVOID GLITTER! ...It is very difficult to win a serious argument when you resemble a disco ball. Fact.

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What's your best advice for people wearing a crown?  

When it comes to attitude and facial expressions, there is no subtlety allowed when you wear a crown, so you must choose… It’s either over-the-top, dramatic, diva-esque, POUTING queen... Or it’s over-the-top, dramatic, diva-esque, BEAMING queen! (I think we can see the common denominators here!)


What does it mean to have your design on the Eurovision stage?

I am honestly blown away. From great hard work and dedication, the company has experienced relatively good success in Australia, featured on a great number of celebrities, in fashion magazines, on runways, in department stores etc… However, it’s an entirely new world having your hand-crafted design featured on a global stage in front of 190-million viewers! It inspires and excites me that such a vast and diverse audience will all see the same thing. They will all be watching Kate, they will all be in high spirits and they will all be united at this wonderful event… And I get to be part of it. It’s an incredible honour. Mind you, I don’t think I will breathe until that Kate has finished her performance and that headpiece is off stage in one piece!

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