• Moldova's Lidia Isac in performance at Eurovision in Concert 2016 at Melkweg, Amsterdam (Image by Eurovision Belgium via Facebook) (Facebook)Source: Facebook
Amsterdam played host to their annual Eurovision preview performance on the weekend as the competition heats up for Eurovision 2016.
Genevieve Dwyer

11 Apr 2016 - 11:48 AM  UPDATED 11 Apr 2016 - 12:35 PM

'Eurovision in Concert' is an annual tradition hosted by the Netherlands at Melkweg nightclub in Amsterdam. While there are many preview concerts held across all participating countries (including Australia where you can see our very own Dami Im perform her anthem 'Sound of Silence' at various locations across the country), this is typically the biggest.

This year saw 26 out of the final 43 participating countries take part and it certainly gave a taste of things to come.

Croatia's Nina Kraljić, who was conspicuously absent from her official video submission gave her debut performance of her song 'Lighthouse', wearing an avant-garde gown with gothic embellishment. Note Dami: this is one female contestant to watch out for!

Also present was Belarus's IVAN, who despite standing out from the crowd with his long red hair and all-white, slightly cassock-like ensemble, did not actually strip down and perform nude accompanied by live wolves, as it's previously been hinted he wants to do for his live Eurovision performance. 

Participating countries included Spain, Moldova, Belarus, Croatia, Albania, Switzerland, Israel, Slovenia, Italy, Estonia, Poland, Netherlands, Montenegro, Ukraine, France, Malta, Latvia, United Kingdom, Romania, Serbia, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Iceland and F.Y.R. Macedonia.

You can meet all the countries and watch all of their official song entries HERE

Check out some of the best behind-the-scenes snaps and videos from Eurovision in Concert below, including lots of behind-the-scenes photos shared by the artists.

The Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast on SBS’s Eurovision Weekend - Friday 13, Saturday 14 and Grand Final Sunday 15 May, 7.30pm on SBS, with LIVE early morning broadcasts from 5am on Wednesday 11th, Friday 13th and Sunday 15th May. 

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