• Russia's Sergey Lazarev showed off a complex set on day one of Eurovision rehearsals - before falling off it! (Eurovision)Source: Eurovision
Russian artist Sergey Lazarev, has suffered an embarrassing blow on the first day of official rehearsals in Stockholm, taking a major tumble NINE FEET off his elaborate set.
Genevieve Dwyer

3 May 2016 - 10:40 AM  UPDATED 3 May 2016 - 10:55 AM

Lazarev, who has been tipped by many bookies as a hot favourite to win Eurovision 2016 and is a major pop star in his home country of Russia, showed off some extravagant staging techniques on the first day of Eurovision technical rehearsals in Stockholm, Sweden.

Incorporating what appears to be moving Perspex steps built into a CGI backdrop in a performance laden with special effects, the complexity of the staging clearly proved too much for the star, who missed his footing mid-song and fell what the UK Metro  reports to be nine feet (2.75 metres) off a critical step.

Watch the awkward moment unfold below:

The fall reportedly caused gasps from viewers in the press centre, where the live stream of the performance was immediately cut off. While these first rehearsals are not open to the press, they are streamed live to journalists.

When the stream cut back to Lazarev, he was back on his feet singing and dancing with no indication that anything had gone wrong.

Russian news site Life shared footage of the fall from behind the scenes, that didn’t make it into the wrap up video from Eurovision, that showed a very chirpy Sergey looking very positive on his first day of rehearsals, with no indication that anything had gone wrong.

The Russian superstar and consummate professional performer is unlikely to let a tumble ruffle his feathers though – after all, it’s not even the first time it’s happened in the lead up to Eurovision.

Lazarev made headlines recently when he COLLAPSED mid-performance while on tour in St Petersburg in the lead-up to Eurovision.  He later apologized to his fans and blamed exhaustion from his grueling tour schedule.

Here’s hoping that the Russian pop star will find the stamina to carry on for the main performance in Stockholm next week, where, if the elaborate video he submitted for the song is anything to go by, the final stage show (if he carries it off) promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

Watch the wrap-up from Eurovision featuring all the other artists at the first day technical rehearsals including San Marino’s Serhat, Armenia ‘s Iveta Mukuchyan, The Netherlands’ Douwe Bob, Croatia’s Nina Kraljic, Moldova's Lidia Isac, Hungary’s Freddie, Finland's Sandhja and Greece’s Argo.

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