Live television broadcasts are always risky business and when you throw in the extravagant costumes and energetic choreography, it’s inevitable these forces will collude to make for some rather hilarious moments.
Genevieve Dwyer

5 May 2016 - 9:53 AM  UPDATED 12 May 2017 - 11:23 AM

Live television broadcasts are always risky business and when you throw in the extravagant costumes and energetic choreography of Eurovision, it’s inevitable these forces will collude to make for some rather hilarious moments. Here’s our wrap on the most epic Eurovision FAILS.


Lill Lindfors wardrobe malfunction

At first it appears to be a horrifying mishap at the 1985 contest when Swedish presenter Lill Lindfors is left in just her top and underwear after her skirt catches on the complicated set. 

It then appears though that the host is in on it, as the situation rather cleverly turns on itself. It did make for a rather awkward moment on stage though!


Dance moves

The many and varied awkward dance moves of the Eurovision Song Contest really deserve a list of their own, as they’re too numerous to mention here! Creative choreography choices leading to often awkward moments are a key component of any good Eurovision event, such as France’s Patricia Kaas’s 2009 attempt at being a sexy matador in a skin-tight satin dress.

More on that here:
Quintessential Eurovision Dance Moves
Vocal talent often plays a secondary role on stage at Eurovision. What’s far more important is whether or not you've got the moves!


The most epic gatecrash 

This stage invasion, took place during 2010 Spanish entrant Daniel Diges' performance of Algo Pequeñito and was rather epic!

Serial Spanish streaker/disrupter Jimmy Jump, joins in with the dancers, making it all the way to centre stage, waving his arms along to the music in front of singer Daniel, who stoically powers through, before being chased off stage by security guards. 


Alf Poier’s indigestion dance moves

After a Eurovision ban on overtly sexual dance moves ruled out Austria’s 2003 entrant from grabbing his crotch Michael-Jackson-style during his performance of Weil der Mensch zählt, his solution was to pat his tummy instead which makes for a rather unusual dance move…


Jade Ewen gets a bit too close to a violin

Britain’s 2009 entrant almost got herself hit in face with a violin bow after getting a bit too close during her performance of ‘It’s My Time’. Looks like the violinist was giving her a major “back-off” elbow! The performance should have been notable more for its collaboration with distinguished Broadway composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, who accompanied her on piano.


Backup tape fail

Spain’s 1990 entry - sister act Azúcar Moreno suffered a major mishap when their backing tape didn’t start at the right time, causing the sisters, the band and the conductor to all miss their cues. The singers ended up storming off stage in confusion, only to reappear seconds later to start over. The stuff-up didn’t seem to do them much harm though as they managed to finish in fifth place.

Watch the excruciating moment unfold from about 1:45:

Javine’s nip-slip - NSFW!

Britain’s 2005 entrant suffered the biggest wardrobe malfunction there is at her home-country competition when her rather skimpy yet top colluded with her rigorous dance moves to cause a rather eye-popping moment during her performance of ‘Touch My Fire’.


Awkward greenroom moments

Danish presenter Lise Rønne showed off the "research" did on some of the contestants in her greenroom interviews at the 2014 contest which in fact seemed to be rather unrelated to them at all. Awkwardness ensues. The UK’s Molly seemed particularly perplexed and pulled some rather amusing faces.


Bucks Fizz’s skirt-flasher moment

In 1981 the British entrants Bucks Fizz stirred up quite a bit of controversy when the male performers ripped the skirts off the women to reveal tiny mini-skirts underneath. Clearly their attention-grab paid off as they won that year!


Carola Häggkvist’s epic fall off stage

Ouch! This unfortunate moment for the Swedish singer went out live during the 2013 broadcast. We guess that’s just one of the risks you take with Eurovision’s epic overuse of wind machines!


Eurovision trophy falls apart

Just as the presenters were emphasizing the quality of the Swarovski-designed Eurovision trophy, “made from crystal, not glass", it shatters apart in their hands in front of everyone!


Dana International’s trophy acceptance fail

1999’s victor Dana International suffered a trophy fail of her own when the sheer weight of the trophy proved too much and she toppled over on stage in a very awkward moment of live television!


Fainting performers

Estonia’s 2010 entrant - Malcolm Lincoln & Manpower 4 lost one of the backing singers at the end of the song as he appears to collapse just at the final moments!


The Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast over SBS’s Eurovision weekend - Friday 12 May, Saturday 13 May, and Grand Final Sunday 14 May at 7.30pm on SBS with LIVE early morning broadcasts begin Wednesday 10 May at 5am on SBS.

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