• Featured: 'Joe and Jake', UK's entry for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.
There's a lot to consider if the UK chooses to leave the Eurovision Song Contest. And a lot to consider if they don't.
Shami Sivasubramanian

28 Jun 2016 - 1:46 PM  UPDATED 28 Jun 2016 - 1:52 PM

Following Brexit, UK's vote to leave the EU, one rather important question began to trend on social media.


Most people didn't shy away from welcoming UK's departure from Eurovision. UK hasn't ranked too well over the last five years.

Here's their 2015 entry - 'Electro Velvet'.


But actually, being a member of the EU (European Union) and EBU (European Broadcasting Union) are mutually independent. 

The EBU are the major organisers of the Eurovision Song Contest across Europe. They partner with the winning country's local Eurovision broadcaster to foot the bill of the next year's Eurovision Song Contest.

To compete in the contest, countries have to be members of the EBU. But they don't have to be members of the EU, as well. Switzerland, Israel, and Azerbaijan are just a few countries who are not a part of the EU who regularly compete in Eurovision.


Meaning, the UK can still very much remain in the Eurovision Song Contest, even after leaving the EU.


Add to the fact, the UK is one of the 'Big Five' countries in the Eurovision Song Contest, meaning they're one of the EBU's greatest benefactors.

That's why they, along with France, Spain, Italy, and Germany, get a free pass to the grand final every year.


So if the UK leave Eurovision, how would the EBU cope?

Perhaps we can work something out...


Outgoing UK prime minister David Cameron did announce UK would remain in Eurovision regardless of the EU referendum result, but truth be told, everything seems a bit up in the air right now.

When asked during the Prime Minister’s Questions in Parliament, Mr Cameron, an avid supporter of the 'Stay' campaign, was asked what the worst argument he'd ever heard in support of leaving the EU was. It was the UK could finally stop competing in Eurovision.

But he quickly said that would be unlikely.

“I think that would not only be very sad but I think given that Israel and Azerbaijan and anyone anywhere near Europe seems to be able to – [even] Australia – I think we're pretty safe from that one,’” he said.

British PM David Cameron says UK will remain part of Eurovision regardless of EU referendum outcome
Eurovision briefly became the topic of discussion in the UK parliament overnight with Prime Minister David Cameron reassuring fans that the UK would not be withdrawing from the song contest if the country leaves the European Union (EU).


Nonetheless, Eurovision fans are hoping otherwise, given UK's consistently poor performance in the contest over the years. 

In fact, that was why this year's contestants were selected by a public vote, and not by some broadcasting executive head like they usually are. Unfortunately, they still ranked 24th out of 26 this year.


Fortunately, Brexit won't affect Australia's involvement in the Eurovision Song Contest, which we hope to be a part of next year, too.


We're also planning to host a Eurovision Asia, where Pacific and Asian countries can partake in a similar-styled song contest.

SBS Secures an exclusive option to develop the Eurovision Song Contest concept in Asia
SBS is pleased to announce it has signed an exclusive option with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the owners of the Eurovision Song Contest, to establish an Asian version of the famous Contest.

Point is, UK might be out of the European Union, but they're still in the Eurovision Song Contest.


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